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La Marta – Cartago


La Marta is ideal for all types of people, from the Vikings to those who are starting to get out of the routine, it’s a green place, surrounded by rivers, and spaces to discover … It also shows how it is possible for a farm to turn to be a secondary forest full of life and nature.

How to get there?
Go towards the valley of Orosí in Cartago, from there it is necessary to take the street towards Tucurrique passing through the town of Pejibaye. From this point on just follow the signs of La Marta until you reach the entrance.

With Waze

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis, waterproof jacket or poncho, swimsuit, towel, insect repellent, food to share and excellent attitude.

Distance:It has 17 km of trails of varied intensities
Accessibility: Limited
Parking: Yes
Tel: 2542-0350
Cel: 8913-8691

Entrance to general public ¢ 1750.
Children under 11 ¢ ¢ 1250.
Camping ¢ 4000 per person per night.
Cabin ¢ 5000 per person per night.
Hostel ¢ 10000 per person per night.


The thing is that we left at about 7:00 am from San José, heading to the La Marta Wildlife Refuge … on the way we passed Cachi where there were tempting kiosques of corn on the cob, and delicious coffee, but that did not distract us.

The tour is quite entertaining and cool, we really enjoyed the landscapes and this makes the time pass quickly because when you least expect it, you’re in Pejibaye, and from there La Marta is in a jump away.

We arrived at La Marta shelter, we were received by a super nice man who explained a little about what happens here and the activities that can be done. Part of what we realized is that there are cabins, camping areas, and ranches to make killer picnics … Then we went to the campsite where we prepared the stuff to walk through the shelter.

Here there are 2 important rivers that accompany the visitor at all times, these are the La Marta River and the Gato River. Both rivers are very wild and surrounded by wild tropical forest … The interesting thing is that this place had a 360 change (lying … 180) to become an area for conservation, in addition, that this immense property adjoins National Park Tapantí.

During the tour, we passed the ruins of what was this farm in its agricultural past, with their giant concrete spaces where the coffee was probably spread to dry in the sun. The trails are endless, we only did a part of them and we enjoyed it a bunch … We also took advantage of the rivers that are super clean and even had a light blue color. Well that’s a lie, Tavo was the only one who took advantage and enjoyed the river that he said was delicious, but if the day is nice you should completely get into the pools…

When we were walking we came to a cabin next to the river, and we had to decide between: continuing ahead or returning, because of the high chances of rain and we had not gotten any shots with the drone … so we decided not to return but to go to the river to stop and take out the drone for the pictures.
After the picnic we went back, we got to the car and we changed clothes in order to return to civilization …

So: What do we recommend? Well, Go your own pace and discover awesome spots (which are tons), be curious and look for a good place to picnic on a stone in the river (we did it) because this place is for all levels of difficulty and attractiveness It is everywhere.

**** BONUS: Go eat at Las Chalupas Restaurant Bar


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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