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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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When the winter drives everyone crazy in the capital and the low season does its thing, the Guanacaste area is green and full of life. So I advise you something that should not be a secret, it’s to take advantage of the low season and visit the paradises that this beautiful little country has to offer.

We left for Nosara on Friday a bit late from San José, around 9 o’clock at night, halfway we stopped to eat something tasty at Tres Hermanas de Limonal and arrived at Guiones around midnight.

After a well-deserved rest, we got up at 5:30 am and at 7:00 we were ready to go to the beach. In Guiones we met our friends from EDGM Workgroup, they were there with their drones that accompanied us by air during the trip to the beaches.

How to get there?
Take the route to Nicoya, passing through Limonal, the bridge of La Amistad, Nicoya following the sign that says Nosara.

Playa Guiones with Waze

Pelada Beach with Waze

Vehicle:Every vehicle arrives. But we recommend you take a high car. There is a dirt road for a good amount of time.

Time:whatever you want

Pets:This is dog heaven

What to bring?
Swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, towel, tablecloth for picnic, sandals, snacks, and drinks.


Guiones Beach
In Nosara you can find Playa Guiones, it is a wide, relaxing, awesome beach that extends for 7 km of white sand, it is a known paradise for yogis, surfers, and the overall dreamy lifestyle. There is something peculiar about this place that makes you fall in love, we don’t know what it is, but its nature, energy, food, and activities make you never want to leave ever.

When we arrive at the parking lot of one of the entrances to the beach, something that we noticed was the recycling culture of the place, since they have several garbage dumps to make the corresponding classification. That was a clear reflection of the culture in the area and the reason why the beach was so clean.

We went to sit and watch the waves, four-legged friends appeared who wanted to play with us while their owners went surfing, people walked with incredible peace, and then we all decided to make our first footprint in the sand with our name “Que Buen Lugar”.

Pelada Beach
We got back to the car and went to the beach that went north, about 10 minutes by car or you can walk from Guiones passing the mountain that divides them. This beach, like Guiones, is parked in front of the sea, it has a couple of main entrances and other secondary entrance paths.

This beach has the same characteristics as its neighbor, but thousand times more welcoming and with the advantage that the sea is calmer. There is a huge rock in the middle when the sea hits it creates an awesome looking splash, also the same path that leads Guiones has another path that can take you over the mountain to get another perspective from the beach.

When we arrived, we went down the hill where we parked and after walking a bit, enjoying the beach, getting wet, we made one more footprint that said a giant ‘Costa Rica’ in the sand. Then the sun came out that we started playing frisbee and with wooden pallets.



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