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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 27, 2015

Hot springs, rainstorms, waterfall, sun, rainstorm again, homemade cheese and pasture may not have anything in common, but when we put it together during a trip the result is simply amazing. In this trip, we discovered some epic corners that we never thought to find in an almost forgotten area. To come here you really need a full weekend, the activities are countless and the local people are so welcoming and ready to receive nice people with good attitudes such as you and me.

How to get there? Hot Springs:

Finca Don Jorge Viales: With Waze ** The Pools of Racho de Chu (Alejandro)**: With Waze

Vehicle: Every vehicle arrives. But we recommend you to take a high clearance car. There is a ballast street and it rains a lot.

Time: whatever you want ** What to bring?** Swimwear, 2 towels, 2 extra sets of clothes to change into, poncho, sunblock, repellent, sandals, snacks, and an excellent attitude.


The first thing we did was go to a place known as "Malo" to a waterfall on a farm near the Blue River Hotel, here the crystal clear waterfalls into a nearly perfect pool which is accessible by wooden steps. In this pool/waterfall we did not stay long, but still, Glori and Karlis have to check it out and swam there for a bit.

Then we got on the car and it started pouring, this is something very common in the area (the weather here can change at any second). You have to be prepared for this. We decided to continue towards our next destination. Malo took us to another pool, inside the rainforest, surrounded by nature and the best thing was that it was a hot spring, direct from the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.

To get here we had to drive about half an hour along a very nice road, it was like going down a trail but in a car surrounded by the same vegetation. After you leave the car parked, you walk about 700 meters in the mountains until you reach the wooden deck with a roof in front of the small pool. A few rays of sunlight came out, so we stayed a bit, vegetating until our hands got wrinkly and we got really hungry. While we were walking back to the car, it started raining heavily again and once perched, we had a green apple with peanut butter (good combination).

Then we went to the local story of Gavilán, where we had to ask for Don Jorge Viales. We met Don Jorge the night before at the village festivities, and he was the one who was in charge of announcing and seasoning the bulls in the ring. That is how he invited us to his farm that borders the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, and several protected areas.

When we arrived we had no idea what to expect, but he welcomed us into his house as if we were family. After explaining how he manages his farm and how he produces gas through a biodigester. He showed us the process of how to make cheese, ripen it and sell it in Liberia. Anxious to know the rest, he put on his hummingbird boots and we went for a walk on some trails in the jungle. We arrived at a river where we spent some time appreciating the peace that lives in this place. Then he took us to the top of his farm, from this point you can see (hopefully) Lake Nicaragua.

Then we went down to the house passing through the spring of pure water and when we arrived we were greeted by Don Jorge's wife with some tortillas, tender cheese and custard, you have no idea the deliciousness. This may have been the yummiest thing we had ever eaten on a hike, and best of all, it was done by the hands of some super special people. This is priceless honestly.

Once we had lunch, we went to a farm that Don Jorge recommended, near the Rancho del Chu circle where we met the night before. This farm is from a Mr. Alejandro, and they told us that it had hot springs. We did not expect much from the place, but when we arrived it was absurd. There were about 3oo meters of pools of thermal water in stones sculpted by the water. The temperature was not as hot as a typical hot spring, it was like lukewarm water but it was still worth it. As the owner told us, during vacation this resort becomes the town’s hotspot. It was like that, that we finished off our day with our batteries recharged, in a place of bipolar climate with a beauty that was unlike any other.

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