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Fortuna 2

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 23, 2017

We went to the new Selina in La Fortuna, this is one of the most chic villages in Costa Rica, and although the Arenal Volcano is at rest ... the town has many tourist and natural attractions, from waterfalls and thermal baths to caves and mountains with a recognized beauty Worldwide. So take a walk to this awesome spot.

How to get there? Head onto San Ramón and follow the signs to La Fortuna de San Carlos. After passing the first bridge, turn right for about 300 m until you meet Selina on the right. Waze:

Distance: Hike through the Arenal Volcano National Park 6km Difficulty: Easy Accessibility: Accessible with help in some parts ...

What to bring? fresh clothes, swimsuit, windbreaker, towel, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, sandals, trail tennis, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile Parking: Yes Pets: Yes, in National Park No! Camping: No

Contact: Cost: Selina: $ 10 and up Tours:


We left San José early to arrive at 9:30 am at the Hotel Selina in La Fortuna, we noticed the cool design and style that define these places. At the reception, they showed us where to leave the stuff because we had planned our first adventure ... rafting!


They picked us up in a minibus full of adventurers with excellent attitude, the journey to the starting point was approximately 45 minutes to the River Balsa, which seemed like a short ride thanks to the guides/animators. The day was half cloudy but nice so we got off and put on a vest + helmet and grabbed the oar to go to the water.

The river was a bit more grown than normal due to the rainy season. They were 3 hours in total of pure adventure, it was awesome and in the end, we all fell into the water in different sections but nothing out of the ordinary. Halfway we made a technical stop to eat fruit and then continue through a calmer water until we reached the end where we changed to go get lunch.

At lunch we went to a restaurant located on a farm where they produced almost everything they cooked, providing a complete experience that ends in a sugarcane production shop ... where we had a shot of liquor produced from sugarcane.

To close the day 1 we went back to Selina Hotel, where a power nap was waiting for us in the tippie-style huts and then a yummy dinner.

Day 2

We got up for breakfast at 7 am, since we had the plan to go to see the Arenal Volcano National Park. We spent approximately half an hour arriving at the entrance of the park, the path is enjoyed from all angles since the volcano is visible always and there are parts of humid tropical forest typical of the area all around.

We arrived at the park entrance and they explained that there is a circular chiva path through which you can reach a tuanis lookout. Then we started walking around there, the path is easy to walk, super well marked and without many slopes.

After walking for half an hour through parts of the forest and some of the high mountains we reach the intersection by which we reach the viewpoint ... this is 50 m only in which if you climb a few steps until you reach the stones. From this point, if you get up early and are lucky you are likely to see the entire volcano and Lake Arenal.

After a long photo session, we came down from the viewpoint and followed the circular path. On the way we came across a giant tree inside the forest, worthy of another technical stop for pics ... then we continued walking until we decided to do a "Power walk" which ended up in competition and Tavo falling on his belly... The physical damage was worth the funny and ridiculous event ????. After the Tavo incident, we returned to the parking lot to go to lunch at Selina.

For the afternoon we had planned a boat ride to the lake, then we rode in the minibus coordinated by Selina staff. We arrived at the lake and after getting wet we put on insect repellent and headed towards the lake, we made a tour for a couple of hours until the sun fell while we were on a small island in the middle of nowhere. In the end, there was a drizzle that forced us to abort the mission and head back to the dock.

At night we had a blast at Selina, after eating we were listening to live music until almost midnight with a super chil atmosphere.

Day 3

We got up for breakfast on our last day and we ran into the reception with the gentleman who would take us to the famous Venado Caverns. To reach the Caverns it takes 45 minutes and right there are places to change and leave your stuff.

It is not recommended to take any electronic device that can get screwed over with water, also you can hire a professional photographer from their team and this way the quality of the photos is assured ... We decided to go like vikings without a photographer and we dedicated ourselves to take videos with the gopro and enjoy the expedition.

The tour through the caverns is full of moments of emotion and anguish (when you have to go through narrow spaces), even so, you can enjoy a lot every part of it. It is a strange feeling to be in an environment alien to the human being and that takes us out of the comfort zone, which generates life experiences that touch us ...

When we left the caverns we took a bath and went back to the hotel to eat and return to San José.


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