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Finca San Gerardo


We went to a very beautiful farm passing San Ramón with a lovely waterfall and kilometers of trails to hike and enjoy.

How to get there?
You have to take Route 1 and pass through Grecia, Palmares, and San Ramón … from the entrance of San Ramón it’s 13.5 km and deviates to the right that says Finca San Gerardo.



Hours:Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. During the week you can call to coordinate.


Cost:¢ 4000

What to bring?
Comfortable and fresh clothes for walking, trail tennis shoes, towel, swimsuit, repellent, sunscreen, hat, clothing to change afterward and an excellent attitude.



Accessibility:Not accessible


We left at about 8 am from my house and lasted a little over an hour to get there(we stopped by the gas station and market on the way). Then we continued until we reached the white gate where we begin to go down a road and arrived at the house where the parking lot was.

Once there we started to get things ready and after a while, the guy at the farm arrived to explain the trails and their distances… Then he accompanied us along the path that led to the waterfall.

The path to the waterfall is short, we didn’t take longer than half an hour at a relaxed pace, it starts under the shade of the trees and after a while we pass some meadows with giant Guanacaste trees, where we do not hesitate to take pictures and then the path goes into the forest where the waterfall was already nearby.

The sound of the water alerted us that we were close, and then we saw it from the top. To get there we had to go down a steep slope but nothing out of the ordinary. After going down, we unloaded our stuff to enjoy a tremendous pool. The waterfall is protected by large trees and composed mostly of large stones, the water has a regular temperature, good enough to stay awhile and the fall is about 20 m in height.

After eating some snacks at the waterfall, we picked up our things and we went through another path so we could do the roundtrip path. The path we took went down a steep pasture until we reached a super large tree that had a similar hole in which we could get in and see bats living inside it.

From here we started walking towards the riverside until the hike got more interesting amidst the roar of the thunderbolts that was basically around the corner. Regardless, we walked nonstop while Tavo began to sing his song of “San Isidro, save the water and release the sun” … and believe it or not it stopped raining. We finished the round trip trail (about 8 km) and didn’t get a single drop on us … we confirmed that Tavo and San Isidro have a good relationship that stops even the worst storm.

When we finished the walk and we changed to get into the car, the rain began to fall, and it was a sign to say goodbye to this lovely farm that is perfect to hike at and enjoy.


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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