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Finca Los Vientos - Santa Ana

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Apr 30, 2021

The best view in all of San José is at Finca Los Vientos, located just over the beautiful mountains of Santa Ana, this is a perfect glamping site to spend the afternoon and spend the night on one of its wooden teepees...

How to get there?

From the old street of Santa Ana to Ciudad Colón, go up the “Cuesta Brava” for 1 km until you reach the entrance of the Finca Los Vientos on the left.

Waze: Use Waze to drive to Finca Los Vientos:

Distance: 0

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: If it is accessible

What to bring? Coat, windbreaker jacket, sunscreen, favorite picnic food, camera, sleeping bag, pillow and excellent attitude

Vehicle: 4 × 4

  • If you do not have a 4 × 4 there is a transportation service from a safe place where the car is left.

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes

Camping: Yes

Contact: Tel: 8517-0000

Reservations by Instagram:

Cost: Plan “Hang out” from 3pm to 8pm ¢ 3500 / person

Glamping on the Teepees: ¢ 30000 / couple

Camping (includes tent): ¢ 25000 / couple

Camping (with own tent): ¢ 7500 / person


Last weekend we went in the afternoon near San José to this great place above Santa Ana. The road to get there has about 500 meters of very steep ballast so it is preferable to go up in 4X4.

When we arrived, Carlos (friend and owner) welcomed us and explained a little about this beautiful project. In total there are 7 teepees (wooden cabins) set up on 3 levels of terraces… all with the best view of the central valley.

Also on the terrace above (the largest) there is enough space and picnic tables to have a blast. In addition, you can coordinate a bonfire (only if there is little wind) to enjoy your time outdoors even more.

There are several very friendly dogs and the place is pet friendly… What I recommend is to go well prepared with food, fresh fruit and plenty of snacks to enjoy. If you forget something, don't worry… express services arrive here.

We saw the sunset between the mountains overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya and then it was a spectacle of the moon rising in the east, then we ordered pizza to eat at our teepee.

So escape with your family, partner or friends to this place that we assure you will have a good time.

  • DATE OF HIKE: April 2021
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