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Finca Los RodrÍguez – Grecia


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went from Grecia to check out the farm of the Rodríguez family, a perfect complement next to the El Paraíso waterfall … nearby, beautiful and with a lovely view.

How to get there?
3km east of the Catholic temple of St. Michael of Grecia.

Waze: Catarata El Paraíso

Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, trail tennis, repellent, sunscreen, hat, beverages, picnic food, and an excellent attitude.

Parking:On the curb (it is very safe)
Contact:Karolina: 8588-4337
Cost:¢ 3000


We left Grecia to visit Los Rodríguez farm … we had already gone to that area to see El Paraíso Waterfall and it was awesome so we returned to see the rest of the farm.

We leave the car at the same place as the waterfall and walked 300m up the street until we entered the farm between coffee plantations. On the way, we took some fruits from the trees and little by little we entered a small little forest where we crossed a river

After passing the forest we went to a paddock and climbed a bit until we reached the dairy store, once here we turned right to get back to the little forest that protects the riverbed.

The path inside the forest was lovely, there are all kinds of bushes and even a giant vine where the three of us climbed at the same time … The journey is short, and it is worth taking your time and noticing the details, also the sound of the river makes the time pass all relaxing and pleasant like.

When we reached the end of one of the trails we arrived at a pretty cool cave, and right at the foot of it there was a sprout of pure water well protected by the local ASADA. Afterward, we walked towards another path up through some bridges between trees and here we found a spot to eat at.

Then we decided to go down again to take a tour of the rest of the farm including the dairy and ended up having lunch at a rather nice San Miguel lookout that is 400 m above the entrance of the farm.

Date of the trip: January 2019



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