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Finca La Lucha

San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to see Finca La Lucha in Jardín de Dota, a perfect place to go for a walk with babies, parents, grandparents, dogs, a girlfriend or a date. This place has easy access, 10 ranches, 2 camping areas and trails for all those who are beginning to hike. So don’t think twice and take a walk!
How to get there? 
Take Route 2 through Cerro de la Muerte until you reach Chespiritos del Empalme, here turn right towards Jardín de Dota, then take an intersection to the right and 10 minutes later you will arrive at the entrance to La Lucha. 
Distance: 3.5km 
Difficulty: easy 
Accessibility: It is accessible 
What to bring? 
Comfortable clothes, coat, waterproof jacket, sun protection, trail tennis shoes or boots, repellent, snacks, picnic food and an excellent attitude. 
Vehicle: Automobile 
Parking: Yes 
Pets: Yes 
Campsite: Yes 
Contact: 8974-3927 
Cost: ¢3000 


We went to La Lucha on Sunday in Jardín de Dota, from Santa Ana we lasted more or less an hour, with a stop to eat something quick. We arrived after 9am at the entrance of the farm, the day was semi-cloudy but there were no signs of rain. We paid the entrance fee and arrived at the parking lot to look for a ranch and we settled down by putting a couple of things on the table (to save the spot). 
The place is incredibly beautiful, a forest of giant pine trees with a lake in the very center is the icing on the cake. There are 10 ranches surrounding the lake and 2 camping areas with water and bathrooms. 
We got ready and began to walk a bit along the trails, in theory there are more than 5 km of trails but I think that is if you mix them all together because in total we walked 3.5 km with everything. 
The pine forest remains very similar throughout the hike, there are some parts that are more open and the sun hits, so it helps to warm up a bit. After reaching the highest part, you go down through thickets full of blackberries where we obviously ate a dozen or so. 
To end, we returned to the central area where the lake is located, we met with relatives and we made roast beef for lunch. 


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