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Finca La Colasa


We went to the mountains of Sacramento de Heredia to visit one of the places to see the best sunsets, perfect for camping and spending time with the family.

How to get there?

The address is Sacramento de Barva de la soda La Campesina on the left about 200 meters, the farm is on the right


Distance: Total 1km

Difficulty: easy

Accessibility: accessible

Vehicle: Automobile

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes

Camping: Yes

Contact: 8862 0197 (reservation required)


3000 colones the day / person

4000 colones camping / person


We started this walk a little later than normal because they told us that the best sunsets were seen here. So we left around 1:30 pm to arrive at the place at 2:30 in order to get to know it well and finally close the trip with the sunset.

Strangely, when we were going up there was a cloud that made us nervous because we had the idea that the day was going to be perfect. 

When we arrived, that area was quite cold so since we got out of the car we felt the cold, also because of the cloud and the wind it felt worse. Nothing a good jacket did not solve. As soon as you arrive there is the perfect view of the city with the mountains in the background and it is where the sun goes down.

It is a fairly wide grassy space and it is perfect to lie down on the tent to relax, take photos and fly beak for a long time, here is the spot for sunset.

They told us that there were some trails, so we went to look for them, obviously the dogs were happy. You have to walk to the right and there is the path. It’s like 500 meters where you get into the forest and start to go down. This part is a bit complicated for someone who is not used to walking, but Tani, who is pregnant, went and made it OK. After this part, you go out to some super cool paddocks, it’s like a golden pasture that had many Santa Lucía flowers and some very nice trees that gave a very crazy touch to the landscape.

At this point it did start to rain a bit so we stayed under the tree until it cleared up. After a while we continued our walk through the paddock to another that was about 100 meters very similar. The problem was that the grass had gotten wet and our feet got soaked. When there was nowhere else to go we returned to the main part of the farm. These paddocks are great to take some good photos.

To our bad luck we got to the car and it started to rain again, so we had the picnic we had planned in the car, but we still had a good time. At about 4:45 it stopped raining, it cleared up quite a bit and the perfect landscape was left to watch the sunset, which despite the weather was very cool. The problem was that it got very cold and Gloriana was not so prepared. So as soon as the sun went down we went back to the hut. This place is cool, perfect for camping or just spending the day and don’t worry, they have a bathroom, so it’s time you go check it out.

*TRIP DATE: February 2022

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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