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Finca Dos Ríos


We went to see a paradise of waterfalls, pools and even a cave! We´re talking about Finca Dos Ríos, located at the best  waterfalls zone in Costa Rica… Los Bajos del Toro Amarillo.

How to get there?

Located in Bajos del Toro, the best way to get here (if you drive) is through Vara Blanca, from that point you can put the waze link to get there.


Distance: 7km

Difficulty: Moderate

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring? Trail tennis shoes or hiking boots, quick-drying clothes (avoid cotton clothes), sunscreen, repellent, towel, change of clothes, snacks, cash and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile

Parking: Yes, on the street.

Pets: Yes

Camping: Yes, ¢ 5000 per tent

Contact: 8415-6590


¢ 5000 per person

¢ 4000 Lunch

¢ 5000 Breakfast and lunch


We arrived at the ballast street where the car was parked and we got ready to walk with a possible storm… that’s why we went prepared with a waterproof jacket and dry bags to store our things.

The road to get to Finca Dos Ríos is quite muddy, even so it has pieces of wood to make the journey more enjoyable. In this area it is common for it to rain at any time, and it is also possible for the sun to come out at the least expected time.

After about 45 minutes of walking, we crossed a river with a beautiful hammock bridge to reach the last hill before the entrance of the farm where the entrance is paid. From this point it is only 800 meters to reach all the pools and waterfalls of the farm.

The path took us from the pasture to the turquoise river with waterfalls and a pool called the slide… It was still raining so we continued to the next one called Colibrí Waterfall.

At the Colibrí waterfall and pool we stayed longer as it stopped raining. The water temperature was normal cold, and despite the fact that it had rained so much the color of the water remained beautiful.

To finish up, we went to the last waterfall called 2 colors, it is called that because they are 2 waterfalls with different shades of water that come together and look very cool. To get to the last of these two we crossed a log and ran into a surprise …

We ran into La Cueva (The cave), which has a curtain of water that is very cool. Obviously we stayed here for a while taking photos and admiring the awesomeness. After that, there was only one waterfall left to see which has a yellowish color tone.

Finally, we returned home but not before having an epic casado typical lunch at the place inside the farm … totally recommended.

* DATE OF HIKE: September 2020

By: Qué Buen Lugar

Social Media:


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