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Finca Don Pachi

San José

We went to the mountains of Patarrá, a place super close to the city, perfect to spend a picnic with family or friends, play in nature, walk and enjoy with your pet.

How to get there?

To get there you go to Desamparados and from there to the mountains of Patarrá.


Distance: There is a 1.5 km trail

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: Accessible

What to bring? Comfortable clothing, trail tennis shoes or boots, waterproof jacket, sweater, sunscreen, repellent, snacks, water, a change of clothes, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile and parked on the street with a car guard. A 4×4 vehicle car arrives at the farm.

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes

Camping: Yes

Contact: 8887-0860 or 8982-0588. You have to book ahead.

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 3pm.


₡3000 Adults

₡2000 Children

₡2000 Parking

They offer packages with equipment for picnics and lunch.


This weekend we decided to walk near San José and we found Finca Don Pachi just 20 minutes away. And it was a great discovery for us, the place is perfect to spend a cool day with family or friends.

We arrived around 9 am, since we were not going by 4×4 car. It is left at the entrance of the farm on the edge of the street, there is a man who takes care of the cars. If you drive 4×4, the car can go up to the main area of ​​the farm. Once we left the car outside, we walked about 100 meters of a climb and reached the main part of the farm.

The place is very beautiful, it is full of trees if you need shade and a flat part to do whatever you want to play, run, jump. At the place there are several giant table games, they have frisbee, soccer and Cricket.

As soon as we arrived, the first thing we did was a walk along a 1.5 km path that goes around a part of the property. It is super easy and beautiful to move around a bit and see another landscape.

After the walk we arrived and they had a picnic set for us like the one you see in magazines or pinterest, the coolest, everything well arranged perfect for carrying cheese, wine and those foods that I don’t even know how to pronounce and we We were all embarrassed since we had only brought things to make ham and cheese sandwiches but we took out our chests and enjoyed them.

Something to mention is that the farm has a super nice view of San José on one side and on the other some very beautiful mountains full of greenery. Obviously we took the dogs and they had a blast running around everywhere.

When we finished eating, the activities began. The first was to sled down (round shape thing) down a mountain and it was crazy fun. Feeling like a child again is priceless. Then we played frisbee, a giant connect 4 and the classic Cricket that I haven’t seen one for many years.

Truth is, this place guarantees you a great time, you enjoy it a lot and the best thing is that it is very close to the city. So don’t think twice about it and go check it out.

*DATE OF VISIT: July 2021

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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