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Finca Del ICE

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Aug 21, 2015

The Finca del ICE is located in La Unión, Cartago. The María del Rosario Electric Plant is found here. It is an extensive estate that has been visited by cyclists and walkers for years. However, this year they are starting a project and have begun to mark the trails with signs.

How to get there? From the Cristo de Sabanilla 6 km east to the San Ramón bus terminal.

Cost: FREE Permission: There may be a guard who asks for "permission from the municipal", just use your negotiating skills and convince them that you only come for a stroll. Pets: Yes you can take dogs with a leash. Vehicle: Everyone arrives perfect! but the car has to be parked on the street, there is no parking available.

What to bring? Long pants (there are plants that can give you a rash), comfortable walking shoes, waterproof jacket.

Food? Snacks for the road and a bottle of moisturizer.

Distance: 8.5 km Time: 2 hours Difficulty: Moderate


One day we all had something to do in the afternoon so we decided to get up early and look for a place very close to civilization ... Glori has long wanted to show us the ICE farm, a property full of vegetation.

And for real, you really start walking and after 15 minutes you forget how close we are to the city, there’s only green around and even the air seems different. We were also accompanied by PRUSIA (Trejo’s dog) who could not be happier.

We know it does not sound so easy but here it goes: The best thing to do is to leave the car next to the bus terminal and then walk down towards Tres Ríos passing by the Chacón Paut Psychiatric Hospital just 100m after the hospital you have to get into an entrance on the left-hand side of the dirt road, then pass by a pedestrian bridge and continue to the gate where the entrance to the park is, there is a sign that says "Microcuenca Galardonada".

Afterward you will find an intersection that both ways lead to the same place. We took the one on the right that is a bit longer but cooler because you walk along a path on the edge of a water pipe. From there you get to a treatment plant where you can rest, eat something to catch your strength and go up the Ruta Ruta del Agua.

The Water Route: This part is much more within the mountain, it is narrow and full of vegetation. It is not very well labeled but it is the only path so you just have to keep walking and enjoy nature. Once the trial ends, you will reach a little street where you have to go down until you reach a wire mesh fence that is always opened (although the padlock seems not to be) is just to open the door knocker. Afterward, it continues downhill and you reach a house/offices with another gate that has a chain but it is just unrolling (Karla thought we had to climb over it). Obviously, when leaving you have to leave it as it was. From there you walk down the street to another intersection (it is a fork) where you have to go to the right until you reach another intersection that is the street that goes up to the round ranch towards the Pizote. You must go to the left to get to the El Pizote chicharronera, located 500 meters from the San Ramón bus terminal (where we recommend leaving the car).

In the end, we thanked Glori for showing us this place because the truth is that it’s pretty awesome, near the city, full of nature that is something we dig and it’s a distance of 8.5km which is a super refreshing walk for those who like to exercise. You can try it running or by bike (Trejos and Glori have already done it).

Just book the morning and if you want to have lunch at the PIZOTE, it's a good reward for getting up early.

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