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Extreme Forest Park - Providencia Dota

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Mar 27, 2021

We went to the Tamí Lodge glamping site and also visited the Extreme Forest park in Providencia located in the Los Santos area, where we had a blast with a combination of adrenaline and relaxation, perfect for a getaway with a buddy, family member or partner!

How to get there?

Take Route 2 towards the Cerro de la Muerte, then turn right at the P.N. The Quetzales in front of Chespiritos. From here you continue for about half an hour passing Providencia until you reach the hotel.


Tami Lodge:

Extreme Forest Park:

El Pocerón:

Distance: 500m

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring? Mosquito Repellent, comfortable clothes, change of clothes, snacks, bottle of water and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: 4 × 4 or high clearance vehicle

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: No


Phone: 2541 2020

Email: [email protected]

Cost: Info with contacts


After a two hours drive, with quite unstable weather, we arrived at Providencia, where the weather was perfect for adventure, so we left for our first stop.

First we arrived at the Extreme Forest Park which is part of the tourist projects of the Santos Tours, we were greeted by a super friendly teacher who took us to the main platform to explain a little about the activities and put on the equipment.

This place is a farm of 5 hectares of protected forest where they have 6 incredibly cool activities, starting with the Jungle Fly. For this we had to sit in a hammock one by one, then with the help of the others, they lifted us up very high and before you know it bamm! This activity is an incredible adrenaline rush, guaranteed to make you scream and shout.

Then we continued to climb this epic tree, they tied us up and one by one we climbed about 50 m until we reached the highest point and then slowly went down with a rope until we reached the bottom.

Then we continued to the canopy, and for this we walked about 200 m, we jumped to a platform at the top of a tree and then another shot of adrenaline ... They lowered us with a rope but at an incredible speed that I personally found frightening.

To finish we did a couple of tightropes that were more agile than anything else and then we went to have a well deserved meal with trout at the Hotel Tamí.

After lunch we went to the glamping-type rooms with an impressive view of the mountains, and the bathrooms are all exotic, almost in the open air. Here we spent the afternoon resting with the sound of the river and the birds until it was time to go down to dinner.

The next day we woke up to the sound of the monkeys in this perfect place ... after breakfast we took advantage of the good weather and went for a walk to the Savegre River. We arrived at the Savegre river, which is actually very close to Tamí Lodge.

The Savegre River is extremely crystalline and has the title of being the cleanest river in Central America! Here we walked just over 200 meters which was enough to charge the energy batteries.

To finish our visit to Providencia we checked out the famous Pocerón, which is free and is right next to the street.

  • DATE OF HIKE: March 2021
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