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Espino Blanco - Turrialba

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 20, 2018

We went to the Turrialba mountains to visit the Wagelia Hotel Espino Blanco, a reserve with friendly accommodation with the environment in the middle of the mountain where we assure you will get a connection with nature to another level.

How to get there? Waze:

Distance: 3km Difficulty: Moderate Accessibility:It is accessible

What to bring? Comfortable clothes, trail tennis shoes, a waterproof jacket, sunscreen, repellent, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:Automobile Parking: Yes Pets: No Camping: No Contact: Tel:2556-0616 Cost:From ¢ 36000 per night


We arrived at Turrialba late afternoon, from the center of Turri it was about 20 more minutes until we arrived at the Hotel Espino Blanco in the middle of the mountains, where they were waiting for us at the reception so we could go to dinner at the restaurant that was following the path that came from the reception.

We then went to sleep with flashlights in hand since there is no electricity at the cabins (just to disconnect from technology) and we went to rest. The next day we got up in the middle of the jungle with the sound of wild birds, we bathed (there is hot water!) And we went to the restaurant to eat a typical breakfast.

After lunch, we met 2 teachers that work for Discover Turrialba and planned to discover some of the trails of the place. We decided to do the path called "Love" since it is the longest and we wanted to know as much as possible of the place.

So we started walking the first part that was mostly uphill, due to the time we could not see so many animals but the beauty of the forest was enough. On the way we walked passed a White Hawthorn tree, it’s in danger of extinction and in this reserve they are keeping it alive. Later we connected with another path that leads to the lower part where the viewpoint is located ... from here we were lucky it was already clear and we managed to see every part of Turrialba. We took advantage of the deck of the viewpoint to make a small shared picnic and take pictures, this place is great to connect with nature and enjoy the trails in a safe environment, then we returned to the Tolomuco trail that leads to the parking lot of the hotel. Here we went to prepare things for lunch and go to our next destination.

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