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Escape Poasito


We went for a walk to the mountains of Poasito (less than an hour from San José!) to visit “Escape Poasito”. A perfect place for all those who love to go for a walk, picnic and hike in a great place, with a waterfall and trails that have an epic panoramic view. Do not think twice and take a hike to this great place! 
 How to get there? 
It next to the Poás Volcano 
Distance: 2 – 5km 
Difficulty: Easy and moderate 
Accessibility: Not accessible 
What to bring? 
Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis shoes or hiking boots, sun protection, insect repellent, sun protection, snacks, water, change of clothes and an excellent attitude. 

Vehicle: Automobile 
Parking: Yes 
Pets: Yes 
Campsite: Yes 
Contact: 8741 0387 
Cost: ¢4000 per person 

We arrived around 8am at this beautiful farm in Poasito de Alajuela, the street is made of red ballast typical of the area and goes down between paddocks until we reach the parking lot. At the entrance to the trails there is also a bus which they converted into a cafeteria and sell delicious typical foods with coffee or agua dulce. (hot drink that combines water with brown sugar for a delightful treat). 

While here, we got off with all the dogs and stuff to talk a little with Alfredo (one of the owners) to start the trails. There are trails for biking and walking, both are well marked so you don’t get lost… you also have 2 and 5 km circuits perfect for all tastes. 
The first part of the trail is between pastures, then it slowly goes into the forest with the sound of the river in the background. This sound gets louder until you reach an intersection that says “La Escapadita Waterfall” at 300 m, obviously we went to discover this waterfall and it was worth it. 
The waterfall is about 4 meters high and is extremely beautiful, plus you can get into a cave behind and take cool photos. After spending some time at the waterfall we followed the path through the forest until we came to a pasture, we had to climb a bit but we reached the highest part of the farm with an incredible panoramic view where we took the opportunity to have our snack. 
After the highest point we continued through paddocks and it gradually clouded over until it started pouring on us. At this point we were already going back to the parking lot and we enjoyed every step through the puddles inside the forest until we reached the car. 
Finally we bathed in hot water and changed to have lunch at this cool place. 

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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