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Escalada Cachí - Cartago

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 23, 2019

We went to Cachí to climb a natural rock wall and we had a blast ... So dare to do something new, I assure you that you will not regret it.

How to get there? Head towards Cartago and then towards Paraíso ... then look for the sign that says Cachí and from there the street that leads to Tucurrique is the one. The place is located 500m south of the cemetery of Urasca.


Distance:200m Difficulty:Easy Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring? Fresh and preferably elastic clothing, bathing suit, shorts.

Vehicle:For sedan cars the parking lot above and if you want to go down, you can with a 4 × 4 vehicles (You can coordinate a car to get down) Parking: Yes Pets:No Camping:Yes Contact:8867-8259

ACTIVITIES AND RATES Canopy + Mega Rappel + Climbing: ¢ 25,000 Canopy + Mega Rappel: ¢ 20,000 Climbing: ¢ 15,000 Rappel: ¢ 8,000 Climbing + Camp: ¢ 20,000 Canopy + Mega Rappel + Climbing + Camp: ¢ 30,000 Camping: ¢ 8,000 Bungalow: ¢ 8,000


We arrived at Cachí Adventures around 9 am, the day was cloudy with a bit of rain but we still got off the car so we could meet the staff and put on the equipment.

The first thing we did was to walk downhill through the coffee plantations until we reached the platform ... it was raining so we waited a while for the rain to stop and then did the long canopy where we crossed the river canyon at a wicked speed.

On the other side, you come directly to a platform mounted on the top of the climbing wall ... let's say that we did not see it coming and it is insane since then you have to rappel down 100 m to the ground.

When we landed we put on another type of harness to climb, we also tried on the shoes that are used for the activity.

The first to go was Karlita who played it like a professional ... then it was my turn (Trejos) that I managed to do slowly but surely ... then Tavo gave his best shot, he played it pretty well and Glori started and halfway turned back because it gave her a panic attack. None had ever climbed and honestly it was awesome, it’s not as easy as it sounds but the guides help a lot.

We did all this while it was raining ... and you know what? The wall was totally dry! This is incredible but it is due to the inclination that It has.

The place is very cool because it is on the river bank and has a lot of ranches and even a natural pool, so it's a good idea to do a picnic to take advantage of the place, we could not because of the heavy downpour but this is a plus.

Date of Walk: October 2018

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