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Catarata El Caballón y El Morrón

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 21, 2019

We ventured out to check out a couple of waterfalls that were awesome, in the middle of the mountain of Sarapiquí ... we present to you El Caballón and El Morrón!

How to get there: Take Route 32 and after going downhill you have to turn left on the first entrance towards Sarapiquí. After passing Roberto’s Bar, keep going for 2 km until you see the minimarket on the right hand side called Restaurante el Valle.


Distance: 18km Total

Difficulty: High

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring: Comfortable clothes for lots of walking, trail tennis shoes or boots, a powerful repellent, waterproof jacket, dry bag, snacks for 8 hours, lots of water, a hike headlight and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: 4x4 high clearance

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: No

Contact: Jimmy Jiménez: 8766 3968

Cost: ¢12 000 This includes breakfast and lunch.


We arrived at 7:30 at the deli to have a delicious pinto breakfast with Jimmy (our guide) and other friends who signed up for the adventure.

Then we drove to the starting point that was about 25 minutes down a cool street, some parts with mud but nothing that our Vitara could not easily overcome. Here we got off and began to walk uphill between paddocks for almost 3 km until we reached a dense tropical rainforest. We made a quick stop to drink water and then we continued. During the walk we heard the sound of the rain approaching and we started feeling the raindrops, luckily we put everything in dry bags to protect the electrical appliances.

After 3 hours of walking through the jungle we approached the El Caballón waterfall ... to get there you had to grab on to trees, roots and ropes until you descend to the mainland at the foot of the waterfall.

The breeze with the sound of the waterfall is something shocking, and we didn't hesitate to dive into the water. While we were swimming, others walked behind the fall of water until managing to go all around it and coming back to the same pool we were at.

After swimming we had a picnic and sang happy birthday to Glori and then we went to the other waterfall.

To get to the other waterfall, we walked for about an hour and a half, we returned by the same path and then we deviated until we reached a very long descent where we also had to grab on to roots and stones until we reached the level of the river.

This other waterfall called El Morrón is from the same river, also super cool with 2 waterfalls and tasty pool in front of it, with space to sit and appreciate it. We also found a natural trampoline (fallen tree) which Tavo tried and enjoyed a bunch.

After being here for half an hour enjoying ourselves, we started walking back for about 2 more hours with a lot of rain until it stopped as we were arriving and we managed to get to the car and change to dry clothes.

We finished the day exhausted and hungry ... but with a great satisfaction of visiting such a cool place with some great company.

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