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El Bus Místico - Heredia

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Dec 15, 2016

Can you imagine walking on the mountain and suddenly finding an abandoned bus?

We don’t know about you. But what we do know is that this experience will give you a new story to tell, so let yourself be surprised by Costa Rica, where there is something spectacular in every corner.

How to get there? From San Rafael de Heredia upwards (as to the Castle) and then continue a little further until you turn right to go to Monte de La Cruz and then continue for another 15 minutes until you reach the sign that says Las Nubes School.

With Waze

What to bring? Jacket waterproof or windproof, coat, long pants, trail tennis shoes, sunscreen, tablecloth, picnic to share, change of clothes and an excellent attitude.

Distance: 3km Difficulty: Easy Vehicle: High Clearance vehicle Parking: On the roadside Pets: Yes, on a leash Camping: If you want but it’ll be old school style Cost: Free


I visited this place years ago and it left me speechless ... but what would this life be without sharing? So I'm going to tell you how to get there and spend an excellent day in that spot.

The road to get there is relatively easy, it is a ballast street with some slightly large stone parts. It’s ok to park the car next to school Las Nubes, it is easy to know where it is because you can hear the noise of about 400 dogs. From there, take a path to the left that goes between farms through a mountain cabin on the right.

The road is made of old stone, it is a bit destroyed but there are still parts in which the geometrically ordered stones are appreciated. Part of the cool thing about the road is that it looks like the forest has taken over what was built by man if they are lucky you can see cute little birds, monkeys, and sloths.

When you get to the wall (literally) where there is another cabin you have to turn to the right and start to climb a 200-foot-long pit that strangely has a concrete sidewalk. Then the path continues through a tunnel of trees until you find a "Y" where you have to turn on the left ... on the right it is said that you get to somewhere in the Braulio Carrillo (don’t even think about going there). The forest opens and it’s covered with grass ... the path does not exist anymore because many 4 × 4's have entered.

It is a pity to see such a damaged place, but at the same time it is not difficult to get to the bus ... so the instruction is: FOLLOW THE DIRT ROAD. When I least expect it, BAM! An abandoned Blue Bird bus appears insight.

Once we arrived we met a couple having a picnic inside the bus ... so we improvised climbing on the roof and having a picnic on the giant tablecloth.

It's amazing to get to such a remote place and find something like that ... Do not think about it anymore and take a walk!

BONUS !!!!! For those who watched the video ... at the end, we got ice cream from an ice cream shop in San Pablo de Heredia yummmmy. With Waze

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