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Cruz de Alajuelita & Cerro Cedral - San José

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Mar 10, 2017

Can you imagine waking up with sunrise with the best view of the Central Valley and all its volcanoes? Well, we went hiking with the guys from Brujo Tours through the mountains of Escazú and the experience was epic.

How to get there? From the church of San Antonio de Escazú, 300 m east, after the restaurant El Boyero turn right and there it you go up about 2km, pass the entrance of the Pico Blanco hotel, then pass the AyA filters, from there 300 m more and turn left at the first ballast entrance. There you go 200 m, it’s a blue gate on the right. With Waze

What to bring? 1 liter of water, snacks, comfortable clothes, hat, trail tennis, windproof jacket, sunscreen, insect repellent, and excellent walking attitude.

Distance: 15km Difficulty: High Vehicle: Automobile Parking: Yes Pets: Yes Camping: No Contact: Cost:¢ 12000 with snack included.


To start the tour we arrived at the base of El Brujo Tours in San Antonio of Escazú at 6 am ... we prepared our junk, we stretched a bit in a very tight pasture while they explained a little bit about the adventure and we started to walk.

The first part was a paddock that took us to the street that leads to Alajuelita for just over 1 kilometer to divert us on the dirt road that leads to the Cross. Although there is a wide path through which motorcycles pass and some 4 × 4's, we were taken by a much more direct path and cooler, which passes through 3 crosses (small) until we reach the big one (the one that lights up at night). The view from the Cruz de Alajuelita is amazing, you can see the entire Central Valley with the entire central mountain range, and we were lucky to see the cone of Arenal !! It really is an incredible view, it deserves a snack break and then the trek to Cerro Cedral (the second stop of the Escazú hills!) Is followed.

After reaching the first summit, we continue along the line that joins this hill with the mountain range of the Escazú hills, this part of the way for me was the coolest, since from here you see Pico Blanco and from the other side the Irazú (It is also downhill). The happiness of the descent did not last long, because then the ascent to Cedral begins.

It is easy to distinguish the Cedral hill by its antennas, it is also the one in the center and it is also the highest of all. We lasted just over an hour to get as close to the top (you can not get there because there are some gates), the view from here is so great for stopping to eat so we continued to look for another spot to eat at.

When we started down the path, at 30 minutes we arrived at a simply incredible paddock, we got the famous sandwich from El Brujo Tours (fresh bread + ripe cheese + homemade pesto = drools) and a sugar cane drink with ginger. After devouring this, we took a nap, which was necessary ...

After sleeping like babies, we continued our descent until we reached the Agres river (the same as the water route). The descent is tedious, there are slippery parts and other very steep so you have to take it easy to not fall. This descent lasts more than 1 hour, and it is also advisable to have the knees in good condition, also hiking sticks are not a bad idea.

Something that this trip left us is that it is not necessary to leave San José to have an epic ride with strong hiking, incredible views, and nature that are not far from other popular national parks...

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