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Corcovado Sector La Leona

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Jul 7, 2017

Osa and specifically Corcovado is a place where you inhale a different peace, there is a connection with nature that is hard to find elsewhere and at the same time, you are forced to disconnect with technology. If you like animals and enjoy nature It is MANDATORY that your next destination is the Corcovado National Park. It’s that type of place that will leave you not wanting to leave and where it is never too soon to return.

How to get there? Waze:

What to bring? Trail tennis shoes, fresh clothes, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, insect repellent and food to share.

Distance: 16 km Difficulty: Medium Vehicle: Preferably High or 4 × 4 Parking: High carriage, preferably 4 × 4 Pets: No, it's National Park Camping: No Contact: Laura: 8719-7176


We woke up from 4:30, with our natural alarm clock ..., I think we had told you before, that we were staying at Steve’s ranch, owner of the ranch where we are staying in Playa Sombrero. The beds are in the middle of the bamboo room, without windows, or doors and in Osa (biologically the most intense place in the world), the sleepiness at five in the morning is just as hard anywhere you are and you always crave going back to bed, but there is a commitment with the group that exists and we really wanted to go to Corcovado.

We got up to make breakfast, Tavo prepares the eggs, Tania heated the pinto, Glori made smoothies using 7 fruits that in the end tasted like banana, Karla made coffee, Manolo washed the dishes and Jose pretends to help but is never very clear about how.

They waited for us at Finca Exotica, Eco Lodge in Carate, about 45 minutes from where we were staying (20 km in ballast street), to make the tour of Corcovado National Park, Sector La Leona.

On the way we were half asleep and there was a group of people watching something, we stopped to be noisy and it turned out to be a King Vulture, they were huge, about 80 cm high and 2 m wide wings, in other words a giant white bird with black and like 50 colors (the foreigners who do bird watching pay a cow so that the vultures arrive to eat it and so they are able to see them). We were lucky enough to bump into it and we had not even reached the park.

We arrived at Exotic Farm and Laura was waiting for us, the guide of OSA EXPERIENCE, a former Meridiana exiled in Carate beach (take into account that you can only go to Corcovado with a guide so you have to coordinate the visit with time), the team was ready to go and off we started to walk.

We went along the beach and walked about 4km to the La Leona station when we arrived there were about 12 people at most, half foreigners and half Ticos. We signed up on the list and among all the information there is a sign that was funny looking: "indications to follow if a feline is seen ... If the animal approaches you FIGHT AND FIGHT IF THE ANIMAL ATTACKS", that is where you think "damn, we are in the jungle!"

We entered the national park, definitely have to pay attention to all the animals that are seen, we saw some white face monkeys, titi monkeys, spider monkeys, and the neighboring condos complete the 4 monkey species of the country. Blackhawks, sparrowhawks, trogons, turkeys and other species that I clearly do not know what they are called, I recommend buying or downloading the animal guide, but it is a fact that is the place where most animals are seen in their habitat.

The most intense encounter was definitely that of the tapir, who was sleeping, where he heard us he woke up and what a way to wake up! (You can see it in the photos, men I feel a little bad). It was giant, we never imagined that the tapirs were so big, in every way. Then It started walking until I found mangoes, so he stayed eating. When we arrived we got into spring, recharged our batteries, ate sandwiches and went the same way back. The walk is long but well flat so anyone with some condition can do it.

It is clear that to enjoy Corcovado, you should do the tour of 3 days but if you are in the Osa area it is worth going to and in a single day have a taste of a magical place.

At the end we were all tired and Laura and Gaby received us at Finca Exotica, the incredible Eco Lodge we had mentioned where you can sleep and eat very well, well we bathed there at room temperature in the bathrooms that are practically in the middle of the jungle and we also tried particular fruits such as the member and the miraculous fruit!

Date: APRIL 2017

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