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Cerro Utyum – Buenos Aires


We went to Olán in Buenos Aires from Puntarenas to conquer the summit of Cerro Utyum, the road was quite challenging but in the end, each step was worth it … it’s truly a mystical place and nothing compares. So do not hesitate to visit Olán and contribute to the local economy.

How to get there?
Go towards Pérez Zeledón, then continue on the Interamericana Sur highway until turning left in Buenos Aires of Puntarenas. After passing the pineapple farms the road becomes more challenging as you climb up to the Olán sports plaza.


Distance:25 km Total

Difficulty:Difficult and technical

Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes for walking, waterproof jacket, sweater type fleece (or something suitable for the cold), sunblock, trail tennis shoes or boots, head led flashlight and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:4 × 4
Contact:Olger 8351 5782
Cost:¢ 50000 group tour (does not include lodging or meals)


For hiking the Cerro Utyum you have to go to Olán, this small town is in the mountains and near the soccer plaza you can leave the car parked on private property. We arrived on a Friday night and we walked with flashlights for half an hour to the hostel which is c than the chapel of the clouds of Olán.

When we arrived at the hostel they received us with dinner, which knocked us out for the night, we had to rest anyways because the next day we had to leave at 3 am. Saturday arrived, we ate something quickly, enough to give us a boost to hike the first hill. The road at the beginning is not seen much since it is practically at night … but a couple of rivers are passed and then you go up up up.

After 5 am the sky cleared up and it was time to turn off the lights … this dawn in the middle of the mountain was enjoyed a lot, so much so that we decided to stop for breakfast almost halfway with a tremendous view. It is part of the road is awesome because of the sight of the mountains.

We continued our odyssey and after going through so many farms we arrived at the forest. The arrival of the wooded part is also the arrival of steeper slopes, in addition, it is necessary to be more attentive to not leave the path, and you will suffer enough with the hills. After walking a couple of hours more, we made our last stop to fill up on water and continue to the top.

Arriving at the highest part of the mountain we come across a high treeless plateau, the path is amazing but it has a lot of mud, this part was a new air for us because it is the most beautiful landscape of the whole walk, the type of vegetation and the details of each plant are incredible, part of the road was extremely steep, we had to climb on all fours, also it started to rain here which made it a bit more difficult.

After walking easily one hour through the moor, we reached the top of Cerro Utyum … the top is a rounded mountain with incredible panoramic views. The coolness of the moment we arrived was that it cleared for about 10 minutes and we could enjoy the view a little after 12 km of ascent. We had a mini-break accompanied by a power lunch at the top, when we started to go down it stopped raining and it got even clearer, so it looked crystal clear… then we made another stop to take pictures and enjoy the place.

On the way back it continued to rain and the road became slippery and steep of descent. Even so, we went down laughing with a good attitude, at least the hard part was over.

After descending for 4 hours we arrived at the shelter in the Olán chapel … and they welcomed us with an incredible stew pot … so after bathing, we went to devour this well-deserved meal.

The next day we woke slightly sore from the walk and after breakfast, we made a mandatory tour of the place that seems to be taken from a fairy tale.

The thing is that this place hides incredible mystical corners, from the waterfalls to the lovely hills.

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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