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Cerro Tinajitas - Alajuela

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 22, 2016

Waterfalls are not the only thing worth living for, the sights are right up there too! So we went for a walk to San Ramón de Alajuela "Capital of the world, branch of the sky and heart of the Universe". Here we went to this very cool peak, which is one of the highest points of San Ramón, it is easy to access and with 360⁰ views, perfect for Sunday and to enjoy with family and friends.

How to get there? Head towards San Ramón from the General Cañas highway, when you arrive at San Ramon follow about 10 min towards River Jesus until turning to the left towards the mountain.

What to bring? Comfortable clothes, sun protection, repellent, picnic food and positive attitude.

Distance: 400m Difficulty: -Easy to the first part. -Technical and exciting to the second. Vehicle: Automobile Parking: Street (do not leave anything of value inside a car) Pets: Yes Camping: No services nearby Cost: Free


We headed there after 8:00 am, as always we went to a little supermarket to buy snacks and continue to our destination. When one deviates from the main street it starts to go up, the road becomes stone with a couple of puddles. After the 10 minutes of going up, we reached a clearing on the right where we parked to take some pictures where you can see Cerro Tinajita.

When we arrived we found a microbus of walkers, we asked the driver where to start climbing the mountain and without thinking twice we got out and started our hike.

The route is not even 200 meters, and it is a little path of easy access, you go through a small forest and at the end, you reach the top that is about 4 meters in diameter. The view is very beautiful, you can see all the mountains towards Esparza, San Mateo, and the Port.

If you look towards the mountain that is lower down there is another peak that if you like and are very careful you can go down to finish appreciating the place. The descent is very difficult, it is good to climb down basically sitting or getting as close to the ground as possible. We did it, it was exciting and it was worth it ... Down here we shared a picnic with our pets and we took advantage to wait for the clouds to go away.

On the way back it was not so difficult to climb the wall, I think it is easier to climb up the technical parts than to descend, we talked with a dude from Palmares who told us that the street where we left the car reaches San Mateo inside and that the scenery is pretty nice ... Once situated in the car we decided to return to San Jose glad to have visited a new and different place.

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