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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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For this trip, hold on tight, because the landscape you are going to see is from another planet, and the intense wind is the closest thing to a free fall with your feet on the ground.

How to get there?
Take route 1 towards Liberia, head towards Javilla on the right for 30 min until you arrive.

With Waze

Cost:Volunteer, only if there is a watchman where the car is parked.
Pets:Pets are allowed yes, with a good physical condition, take into account food and water for the dog.
Vehicle:Any vehicle arrives.

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes with UV protection, comfortable tennis shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a camera, and a good attitude.

Snacks for the road, more than one bottle of beverage and can take a sandwich or something to have lunch on the peak with that spectacular view.

Time:Whatever you want.


We left San José very early taking the Interamerican North route to Liberia, we stopped for breakfast halfway to recharge with Gallo pinto and strong coffee. Then we continued and a little before reaching Cañas there is an entrance on the right, it is a small town called Jabilla, there is a grocery store there where we stocked with snacks and hydrating drinks. From here starts the dirt road that lasts half an hour, is in very good condition and reachable by any car. Along the way we passed several bridges, large trees adorned the path until we could saw on a hill the mountain to which we were going, that’s when we got excited … We were really close!

When we arrived at the place we found a small wooden sign that said “Cerro Pelado”, there we simply opened the gate and entered to leave the car under the shade. We prepared our stuff and followed the only path there, it is quite evident.

We started walking under the trees, climbed and passed another gate of barbed wire, overall it’s about 400 meters in shade and then you walk into the intense sunlight on a steep landscape, not very encouraging.

When you get to the top of the mountain the perception changes completely … the panoramic view is incredibly impressive, if you look behind you see the propellers of Tilarán, and in front, you can see the path that leads to the peak of Cerro Pelado. There is 2 km of walking to reach the peak that seems everlasting, through the mountain range and it is inevitable to stop every 5 minutes to appreciate how great this place is, the heat diminishes due to the strong winds. It’s an incredible place!

We decided to eat something in front of the peak, also to gather strength and courage for the last hill. We had to be careful in this last part since the wind blows very strong sideways, and there is a cliff that nobody would like to lose their balance at. Once we arrived at the top we were amazed again by this impressive landscape and then returned by the same path to the car.

You have to take the time to enjoy the vibe that this place has, let yourself be amazed and recognize how much remains to be known, truly one of the most incredible places we have visited. What an epic place!

So that you can understand better the location and enjoy the place to the fullest!


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