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Cerro Ojo De Agua & Catarata La Maravilla

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · May 11, 2023

We went again to Cerro Dragon, this time with the winners of the Sardimar contest to conquer two impressive spots that can be done together or separately, and best of all, they are new tours, the types we dig. One of them is a hill with a crazy view and the other is a hike with a combo of 3 waterfalls.

How to get there? You have to head towards Tarbaca, basically crossing Desampa-Aserrí and continue up the mountain. When you start to descend you have to turn left and go down a lot, then cross another mountain until you reach a small town called La Legua de los Naranjo.

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Distance: Cerro Ojo de Agua: 4km total La Maravilla Waterfall: 3.5km total Difficulty: Moderate - High Accessibility: Not accessible. Vehicle: 4 × 4 Parking: Yes Pets: Yes Camping: It’s possible but coordinate with Alex.

Contact: Alex: 8460-3211 Please book a few days in advance. Cost:¢ 18,000 both activities with snack and lunch included. If interested in a package or just doing an activity you can negotiate with Alex.

What to bring? Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis, wind-jacket, towel, hat, lots of water, energy snacks and an excellent attitude.


We left very early to meet Alex in La Legua de los Naranjo, the same town and local guide with whom we went to the emblematic and challenging Cerro Dragon. The plan was to take a hike to a mountain and then cool down in a river ... it sounds simple, but it ended up being insane.

When we arrived, we were greeted with a snack and coffee, then we finished preparing the stuff to go up the mountain to our first destination called Ojo de Agua peak.

Cerro Ojo de Agua We started hiking on the same path that leads to Cerro Dragón ... (it is a bit steep) first between houses and then between farms. Little by little, we were entering the forest, crossing small classic springs of the area until we reached a fence which we crossed to get to pasture like a place with a mountain in the hill in the center. This hill, which we reached in about 1 hour, is called Ojo de Agua because there are several springs of water, the view is spectacular and it is at the foot of Cerro Dragón. Here we stopped to rest, appreciate the view and also made a picnic with sandwiches, fruit and chilly to recharge batteries.

After about 45 minutes in the paddock of Cerro Ojo de Agua ... we went down the mountain to return to the starting point ... it took us only half an hour to descend and return to continue our second adventure of the day.

Waterfall La Maravilla Alex our guide had an ace up his sleeve and took us 20 minutes from his house to a farm, we had no idea of where we would end up but we knew that this guide was not going to disappoint us.

The trip by car was almost all descend through the town on a gravel road until you reach some coffee plantations where we left the car parked on the curb. We got off the car and started the downhill route along a path inside the farm, we continued down for about 15 minutes without stopping until we could see a bit of a waterfall. We kept going down and saw that this same waterfall had another fall of water! and they still told us that there was another one below ... I mean 3 in 1!

The last part of the path was an almost vertical wall that had to be climbed by a rope to get down unharmed. The transition from the paddock to the jungle takes place in the last 100 meters, and a tremendous humidity is felt.

Once all of us were below we went to the foot of the waterfall to take photos, videos and then a slight splash. The waterfall has a drop of about 15 meters and falls from a monstrous stone the size of a mountain, all this is surrounded by a secondary forest with a lot of sugarcane.

When we got out of the water we took advantage of the giant stones to hang out there and make some tuna sandwiches overlooking the river that comes from the waterfall.

After vegging out for a while, the sky got cloudy and the thunder sounds made us pack up and return to the place where we left the car ... almost half an hour of an intense climb and finally an impressive closure, lunch at Alex’s aunt’s house, where they treat you as part of the family and that makes it even nicer. And back to San Jose, we went!

After another adventure with Alex de la Legua de Los Naranjos, it is clear to us that incredible towns and landscapes are everywhere, and that it is also in us to follow that curiosity that leads us to discover them.


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