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Cerro Indio Jupa Plana – Acosta

San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to visit Acosta, a town that left us amazed by its charm which is full of good vibes and beautiful people. We were around Cangrejal and Sabanillas, the views are really impressive and its mountains are heavenly.

How to get there?
Go to Desamparados to Aserrí and there continue until you reach San Ignacio of Acosta, then go to Cangrejal or Sabanillas of Acosta.

Hospedaje Hotel Portal de la Montaña:

Distance: 5km total
Difficulty: Moderate/High
Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, hat, trail tennis shoes, sandals, towel, reusable water bottle, snacks, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:High Clearance 4×4
Diego Godines 8404-6765

Hotel Portal de la Montaña 40003949
¢ 12000 Walk
¢ 2000 Parking


Lunch can be ordered (additional cost)
We arrived on Saturday afternoon/evening to Acosta and came across the Goditours teachers who are all brothers and cousins who came together to promote their town as a destination for rural tourism. These guys are incredibly nice folks and that in itself made the trip worthwhile.

Our first stop was in Sabanillas of Acosta, this is about 45 minutes from San Ignacio and it is well placed in the mountains, the good thing is that the view is spectacular, but let’s go into details. They took us to a hotel in the middle of nowhere called Portal de la Montaña and it was dope, we had no expectations so the surprise was lovely. It is a nice hotel to go with your girlfriend/boyfriend and disconnect from everything.

On Sunday we woke up early because we had planned to conquer the Indian Jupa Plana (Indian Flathead) a giant stone that has the shape of an Indian. So we had breakfast, grabbed our things and went to meet the Goditours folks. At this time the weather was not very helpful but I took care (Tavo) of that, singing my weather song, of course, it worked and the sun started to come out.

First, we went to a mound that is in Sabanillas, perfect for a picnic. Honestly, and not being exaggerating here, the view is impressive, on one side you can see the sea and Quepos, the other Puriscal and Santa Ana. We stayed for a while because we couldn’t manage to stop taking pics.

After this we went straight to the main plan, to get to the Indian rock, we left the car in the restaurant of the Paraíso de Río tourist center, we rode in their van, which is a classic by the way, and we went to the point of departure. To begin with, you walk about 500 meters along the street and then you start to get in between pastures. The first part that is about 1km, which is the hardest because it is uphill but it’s not impossible, besides just as soon as it is over, you come to face with the Indian stone, perfect for the photo. The other part is flatter and the view of the mountains and Dragon Hill is incredible. Almost arriving we were given some delicious fruits in the only shaded tree of this part. It was so hot that they seemed to refresh us like nothing else. After this little snack we went to the sign of the hill and out of nowhere, there was a black cloud that was on the way so we had to accelerate the pace to get to the stone in time. Luckily we reached it, the stone is a peak and you can climb to the Jupa, the photos are epic, we were there for 20 minutes taking pictures and when the rain came, we prepared everything and headed back.

To finish the walk, in the restaurant of the tourist center Paraíso del Río, where we left the car, we had an epic lunch, I still have fantasies of the ‘picadillo de arracache’ (it’s like a chopped mixture between carrot and celery root), it was heavenly. The best way to finish our tour. Acosta is a town that you have to visit and honestly we really loved it.



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