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Centro Deportivo La Florencia - Alajuela

iconLess than 5km
iconMore than 5000
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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Jul 30, 2021

We went to Turrúcares to visit a very cool farm, perfect for walking, taking your pet, going fishing or just going to enjoy nature.

How to get there?

1km north of the center of Cebadilla, Turrucares, Alajuela. In the facilities of Tajo Florencia



Easy 4km

Intermediate - Advanced 6km total

Difficulty: Easy / Moderate

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring? sun protection, cap / hat, glasses, sun protection shirt, favorite picnic food, camera and a great attitude

Vehicle: Automobile

  • From the entrance to the parking is a dirt road

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes

Camping: No

Contact: Tel: 7017-8800

Reservations by Instagram:


₡ 3000 Adults (trail / hike)

₡ 4500 Adults (bike / mtb)

₡ 2500 Children


We went to see a new place where you can go for a hike, walk the dog or ride a bike near San José and it is perfect to breathe fresh air. We left Santa Ana at 7:30 and 25 minutes later we arrived at the place. The farm is located in Turrucares and it is a Tagus that they adapted to take advantage of the land and create a space to exercise outdoors. It is best known because it is a bike park but you can also go for a walk without any issues.

To begin with, it is important to say that the place has bathrooms, showers and a place where you can buy beverages and snacks so with that there is already a bonus. We arrived at the place and they took great care of us, they explained the route a little and they told us where the parking lot is, which is a little higher, about 50 meters away.

During this walk, despite the fact that Glori and Trejos have bicycles, since Trejos could not go, Glori decided to walk with us. So we grabbed all our junk and went to the beginning of the path where our route began, which was the longest, it was 6km in total through the advanced intermediate bike trails, to walk all well.

The trails are winding and it goes through many paddocks. It is important to say that the place has little shade, so you have to go prepared for the sun. The path is very beautiful and picturesque. It has nice views of the mountains in the area and is quite enjoyable. There is a part where you start to go down towards the river and it is already a more wooded and cooler environment, so it gives a nice touch to the walk. When we got to the river we thought we could get in but luckily we didn't go in because then they told us it's super dirty, so DON'T mess around.

The path is well varied with fairly easy descents, slopes and parts, so it is perfect to go with the family or to take your furry friend, which we had not mentioned but Drako went with us and had an incredible time. After a couple of hours of walking we finished the trail and had a great time. At the top of the trails there is a very nice big tree where you can have a picnic or take some cool photos, which is what we ended up doing before going back home from a well spent morning.

  • DATE OF WALK: July 2021
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