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Cataratas Los Campesinos – San Lorenzo de Tarrazú

San José

We went to see some waterfalls with the longest rope bridge in the world, really close to Quepos. It was recommended to us by Sandy, a follower of our page, nice gal. The road to get there was epic and the waterfalls even better.

How to get there?
To get there you have to go by the costanera sur highway until you reach the gas station that’s just before arriving at the hospital in Quepos where El Esfuerzo Supermarket, from there you can keep going towards the mountain for about 40 minutes until you arrive.


Distance:1km total
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable and cool clothes, swimsuit, towel, repellent, sunscreen, beverages and something to nibble on.

Vehicle:High carriage, preferable 4 × 4
Cost:¢ 2500 (Nationals)


To discover this new place we ran into Sandy and her boyfriend, some followers of our page such cool guys, in the Supermarket El Esfuerzo that is in the gas station before the hospital in Quepos, just in front of the street entrance on the way to Londres. They took us to our destination. In the mini super, we loaded everything we needed for the ride, after having the snacks we headed towards the mountain.

The street to get there is 25 kms, mostly in ballast and the route is spectacular. On the way, they told us that this route reaches Dota, so the water is cold and incredibly clean. When we arrived at Los Campesinos Eco Lodge we got out to talk to a lady who is there charging the entrance and they always explain how the hike is.

After passing through the entrance they told us that we could go down a bit more by car to a small parking lot, but really you can walk without problems, it’s 300m at the most. We got to the parking lot and grabbed the stuff we needed, we were not even 50 m when we saw the bridge that crosses the river canyon, overlooking the tremendous waterfall.

The bridge is a hammock, it is amazing and really the environment is spectacular … it may be one of the most chic bridges in Costa Rica. The feeling of walking down the bridge and having the waterfall below is great and gives that special feeling to the place. In addition, when you reach the other side, walk as 100mts and expect another waterfall (smaller) with a pool all beautiful and cozy. Obviously, we got it the water and after a good time of vegetating, we prepared to get to know the waterfall but from below.

To get below the waterfall you have to cross the bridge again, pass the ranch and the cabins, and then walk for 10 minutes gently down, down, down … And from here you can see everything with another perspective, the rope bridge looked like electrical wiring and the waterfall was crazy high. Down here the only one that jumped into the water was Tavo, who climbed up to the waterfall above, Viking style.

After a while we were here, our bellies started to make noise and we had to go up to eat at a ranch near where we left the car. We ate a typical luxury lunch, we were satisfied and happy, they even gave us some dessert.

Once full we went up to the entrance where we changed and got ready to go while we ate ice cream.

This place is very cool from the road up until you reach the waterfall on foot, it is worth it and the most important thing is that it is relatively easy to access, besides the food is delicious.

It is also important to say that we were told that in summer the waterfall has very little water, so it is best to go in the rainy season. Either way, this place is always a blast.

** BONUS! On the way to Los Campesinos, there is another waterfall called Brisas del Niara. It is really neat too. They have a road information center in case you’re interested in another mini-hike. At this place, they do as horseback tours but we asked for permission to enter for a sec and go.

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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