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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 16, 2018

We went to discover, next to the famous Don Hugo, this waterfall stuck in the eternally green jungle in the heart of the Guaquiles mountain range.

How to get there? Take Route 32 towards Guapiles, go over the bridge of the Toro Amarillo River and in the restaurant, La Trocha turn right where the bridge passes, keep going and the first entrance on the left and then follow it to Sode Onde Timbu. Starting point.

Waze: Casa Don Hugo: Soda Onde Timbu: Distance: 10km Difficulty: High Accessibility: Not Accessible

What to bring? Comfortable clothes that are fast-drying, trail tennis shoes, a waterproof jacket, mosquito repellent, swimwear, sunblock, towel, snacks, some bottles of water and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:High truck 4x4 Parking:Yes Pets:No Camping:Yes Contact: Hugo Durán cel: 8405-9220 Cost:¢ 5000 per person


Once again we went to walk to the Guápiles jungle with our buddy Hugo Durán. To start the hike, our meeting point was at a minimarket called Sode Onde Timbu, which is close to where the trail begins.

When we arrived it was raining, even so we got out of the car to get ready and start walking. The first part of the route is a normal street a little uphill, before reaching the Blanquito River you have to go through a path on the left ... the good stuff starts here.

The trail is not very well marked (so it is essential to go with a guide), also the route is super muddy so don’t even try to avoid the puddles or the mud because sooner or later you will end covered.

After walking for just over 2 hours we arrived at the first waterfall called Real de Quetzales, a totally virgin place where the boss is mother nature. To reach the base of the waterfall, you have to climb through some stones which are covered by moss. There is no pool but there is a small space in the lower part to sit on the stones to appreciate the place.

After half an hour we went to see the other waterfall that was close but the access was much more complicated due to the broken terrain. We had to climb a mountain holding some ropes and then climb down butt first until you reach the path that leads to the waterfall again.

After about 45 minutes of walking later, we arrived at the Orchids Waterfall, this was much higher and the water fall is more like a perpetual bucket. Like the other, we were surrounded by an eternally green jungle, where we felt like staying for hours but due to the time we had to return since the access was not so simple. The return was a bit easier because it was going another way.

On our way back, it stopped raining altogether, until we reached the Sode Onde Timbu where we ate the best meal in history, the legendary smoked pork rind, a classic of the place. ** Date of Walk: October 2018**

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