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San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to see an epic waterfall stuck in Cerro de la Muerte where in addition to enjoying a killer hike, we met a group of families who open their doors to generate a set of community rural tourism projects surrounded by nature

How to get there?
Take the South Interamerican route through the Cerro de la Muerte passing through Chespiritos and the Los Quetzales National Park, after about 20 minutes of descent take an entrance to the left that says waterfall, there you go down to the starting point.


Vehicle:Preferably high or 4 × 4
Greivin: 87630495 / 84950129
Cataract ¢ 3000 x person
Food ¢ 3000 x person

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis or hiking boots, waterproof jacket, towel, snacks, a bottle of water and an excellent attitude.

Distance:4.2 km
Accessibility:Not accessible


We left at 6 am from Tavo’s house heading to the hill of death (cerro de la muerte), on the way we only stopped at a grocery store to buy snacks for the road and then continued straight without stopping one way until we met with Greivin.

This dude named Greivin is the one who has been responsible of uniting this town of Villa Mills to organize tours, meals and groups so that several families can benefit from the project.

Then we met at Doña Sonia’s house, here they received us with a bean burrito and coffee to get the energy flowing. We drove across town to get to the starting point of the hike.
If you don’t have a 4 × 4 then park the car near the plaza and walk from that point … we did have a 4×4 so we saved a few blocks thanks to this, we got to a cabin where we parked and loaded our stuff for the walk to the waterfall.

The trail from the cabin consists of a little more than 2 kms of descent, it passes through several farms with one or two cows along the way, there are also thousands of bushes with blackberries which are classic in the area. Once arriving at the waterfall, we passed from the pavement road to the forest until we reached a viewpoint in the upper part where we could see the complete waterfall. We finished the downhill by climbing through stones until we got to the lower part where we could appreciate its height even better.

Down here we ate our snacks, had a blast, took a million photos until it started to rain so we gathered everything and started to walk those 2 km back with 500 vertical meters of ascent, so it was not that easy.

When we returned to the cabin we changed in the bathroom of the place and went back to where Mrs Sonia had a delicious meal prepared for us with tea to warm us up after the downpour.


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