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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Mar 29, 2019

Near Jacó we found this paradise of jungle, pools and waterfalls ideal for spending an excellent weekend outdoors.

How to get there? South coastal road, direction Orotina - Jacó, there is a sign on the left that says Neofauna (before crossing the bridge that is before reaching Jacó)... there turn left and continue until the end of the street, then After passing that place called Neofauna there is a descent to the left that goes towards the river, if you do it in a high 4×4 car, have no fear. Starting out it seems that there is no road but after the first curve you can see the road. If you do it walking, hike up the river.

Waze    Distance:  6km total if you leave the car on the street  3km total if you advance in a 4×4 vehicle along the river    Difficulty:  Moderate (if they make it to the upper waterfall or the first pool)  Difficult (if you go up the cascading stones until you reach the highest waterfall)    Accessibility: Not accessible 

What to bring? Fresh lightweight clothes, trail tennis shoes, bathing suit, towel, repellent, dry clothes to change into, snacks and an excellent attitude.    Vehicle:  Car if you leave it on the street.  4×4 vehicle if you want to get into the river. (preferably high clearance so it doesn't hit)    Parking: It is left next to the street.    Pets: No   Campsite: No   Contact: 83581399 Call to coordinate

 :¢4000 nationals $10 foreigners 


We arrived at the place at around 8 am, and we drove upriver to where we thought it was a good spot to leave the car…it's not the end of the road but the car could already be hit so we left it at the end, we prepared our stuff and we began to walk further up the river towards the mountain until we reached the sign that says Valle Encantado Waterfall.

Right at the little gate we begin to walk through some steps, we passed another gate and continued along the path to the right in order to reach the first pool with a waterfall included, it is rather small but the good thing about this place is that you can get into the pool that you want and there are like 8 or more. We decided to continue going up to the fourth pool and we reached a very good pool with a very beautiful waterfall included. The place is super cool with tasty water surrounded by a small forest with nice shade, also according to what the owner of the farm tells us, it maintains like this all year round.

Here we decided to make the first stop because the heat was strong, so obviously we got in and the water was delicious, so we spent a long time splashing around. After having a picnic in that first large pool we continued climbing over the stones, in this part there is no path anymore, what we found are stones and concrete steps painted yellow, this is how we climbed to all the other pools and waterfalls. In the most difficult sections we found ropes and even wooden plank stairs to reach the largest waterfall. In this part we found about 4 more pools, very beautiful. When the path seemed to get complicated, don't hesitate to keep going up, it's a little scary but it's not as difficult as it seems. We had a nervous breakdown but luckily Tavo arrived and he was brave enough to go first and we went behind, which honestly was worth it. 

When we reached the highest part, we came across the highest waterfall in the area and also the large pool... yes, just as beautiful as the first. So here we also all got into the water to enjoy the place more.

After bathing, we got hungry and went back along the path (yes guys… there is a path that leads directly to the upper waterfall without climbing) to return to the car and look for lunch near Herradura.

Tour date: March 2019 

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