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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 24, 2017

Si hay algo que nos vuelve locos son las cataratas, no nos aburrimos de descubrir nuevas y sabemos que ustedes tampoco… así que alisten los chunches para mojarse en esta aventura por el Pacífico sur

How to get there? Take route 27, Exit on the Costanera Sur highway until you reach Uvita.


What to bring? swimsuit, sandals, towel, hammock, picnic food and good company.

Food? Snacks for the road and beverages.

Difficulty: Easy, be careful with the descend that can be quite slippery. Pets: In Cascada Verde (Uvita) we are not sure, but in Cascada Pavon, you can. Time: As long as you want.

CASCADA VERDE better known as Uvita


We left for the South Pacific very early, grabbed some lunch, and then we headed to the center of Uvita in order to deviate towards our first destination. The Green Waterfall is about 10 minutes to the mountain. From the BCR of Uvita, go up following the signs of "Cascada Verde". The waterfall is located inside a private property with parking where they charge a thousand five hundred colones per person.

We parked under the shade and walked down the path, which is surrounded by the humid tropical forest typical of the area. In the short trail, the sound of the river and its waterfalls got us hyped, until after 5 minutes of walking we arrived. This waterfall is super cool, surrounded by nature, cold water that compensates for the heat and a splash of water that generates a super strong current.

In this spot, there are locals that jump from the top of this intimidating waterfall, but there are also some brave people that don’t know the place and still jump. One of them was Tavo, who after thinking about it for 10 minutes at the top of the waterfall, against everything planned, flung like an undefeated champ. After this, we decided to form a sandwich at the parking lot since we were waiting for the second part of the adventure in another waterfall.


We got into the car to go 25 minutes south to Uvita, where we got into a gravel road in Punta Mala. This is the place where I spent my vacations for more than 20 years, when the waterfront still had no bridges, and its use to take about a thousand hours to cross ... an eternity. Now the ballast street that leads to the waterfall is super decent without losing the charm of the place, that's for sure. It’s about 15 minutes of ballast road to where you get to a sign that says Waterfall, there is parking on the street, and is freely accessible. The path that leads to the Pavón Waterfall is about 75 meters high and is reached just ahead by going down some stone steps.

How to describe this place? It is not easy, it is a super impressive waterfall between 2 monstrous stones that have pressed a stone in the shape of a dinosaur egg in the middle, and the water passes through there. In front of the waterfall a pool of crystalline water forms, which then flees towards other smaller waterfalls, which have been sculpting the stones like small nests of turbulent water.

After that, we went down to the main street where we stopped at a stream that looked interesting, and it was quite neat because it had a waterfall on the stone that hit the mountain and that's how we realized it was perfect for hanging out ENO hammocks between the trees to enjoy a well-deserved siesta. But for real, it must have been the best nap we’ve taken in our lives... under the shade of the trees, next to the stream, with the relaxing sound of water and some great company.

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