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Catarata Tamasopo y Tamul – México 5


On our fifth day in the Huasteca Potosina we went to see Puente de Dios which is one of the most emblematic places of the Huasteca Potosina, then for lunch we visited the Tamasopo waterfall and to finish our trip we went to the Tamul waterfall.

How to get there?

We left from Ciudad Valles which is just over an hour and a half in distance.

Waze: Bridge of God:

Tamasopo waterfalls:

Tamul Waterfall:

Distance: 3km total

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring?

Comfy light clothes, water shoes, change of clothes, sunscreen, dry bag and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: No



We left in the early morning to Tamasopo, which is almost an hour from Ciudad Valles. We arrived at the little town where the entrance of the famous bridge of God is located, then we left the car in a parking lot (there are many) near the entrance. In the same parking lot we recommend getting a life jacket, since without it you cannot get into the water.

At the entrance we paid 30 pesos and started walking 300 steps down through a beautiful forest, until we reached an intersection of the path called playitas, where we went to see what it was about … Playitas was a very cool place on the river bank where you could appreciate the transparency of the water, get in and take advantage of the fact that there were not many people here.

Then we decided to continue going down until we reached the bridge of God, this place had a couple of platforms to see the pose with the falls and walking a little more there were lockers to store belongings and then you could go down some steps to the edge of the river. Here there were two ways to get into the water, one by going down in the Indian filita where it was laying or the other by jumping from a height of 1.5 or 3 m.

We decided to jump into the water, luckily there is a rope that crosses the large pool from side to side since there is a strong current. This perfect pool is surrounded by a lot of waterfalls and springs that seems to be taken out of a fantasy.

After a while of having a blast, we decided to go into the cave which is called God’s bridge. The thing is that there is a small crevice within the rock through which you can pass into a rather large cave of bright blue color. What happens is that the water transports the light into the cave and creates an absolutely illuminated space from the bottom up.

After seeing the bridge of God, we decided to return to the parking lot to check out the Tamasopo waterfall. This Tamasopo waterfall is a bit more popular, but at the same time it has several places to eat perfect for lunch and then we went onto Tamul.

The Tamul waterfall is in good theory one of the most amazing in the entire Huasteca Potosina, but at the time we went it was totally dry … even so we started walking along the path that leads to the top of the waterfall and walked along the dry riverbed and along beautiful paths until reaching the very edge that looks out over the cherry tree where in theory the water would fall.

Although the place was dry, we enjoyed the view a lot and we also managed to see the river that passes about 200 m below. Here at the very end of the trail there is a viewpoint that is worth staying for a while to take great photos and also appreciate the landscape. To finish our trip, we returned to the car to rest in Ciudad Valles and then continued on our journey.

* DATE OF HIKE: March 2020

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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