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Catarata San Gabriel – Pérez Zeledón

San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to Pejibaye of Pérez Zeledon to visit an epic waterfall, easily accessible, with plenty of space for a picnic and totally out of the ordinary.

How to get there?
Take Route 2 through the Cerro de la Muerte, Perez Zeledón and continue without deviating until you reach a Gas Station where you head straight (or to the right) towards Pejibaye, then when you reach the cemetery, turn left until you reach San Gabriel and just before a minimarket there is a ballast street which finally reaches the gate of the farm where the waterfall is located.


600m (if you’re walking from the gate)
100m (if you park below in 4 × 4)
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, swimsuit, repellent, sunscreen, towel, change of clothes, snacks for a picnic.

Vehicle:Automobile or 4 × 4 (to enter the farm only 4 × 4)




Contact:Ulises 8574-6202 (call before to coordinate access to the farm)

Cost:¢ 2000


We left for Pejibaye from Pérez Zeledón, since we are in the rainy season we decided to get up early to avoid the rain, we took a little over 3 hours to cross the Cerro de la Muerte and reach the farm where we came across Mister Ulises.

The access is through a gate of a private estate surrounded by coffee plantations, this has a road that can be reached by car but only in 4 × 4, even so, there is no problem in walking down those 600 meters.
When we reached the bottom there were abandoned facilities like an old tourist center, surrounded by beautiful trees with picnic tables just in front of the river where the waterfall is located.

The waterfall is pretty unique since it is a giant slide-like structure (you cannot slide because it’s too large) and It has a good pool in front of it … you must be careful because it is very slippery. The thing is that you can walk through the base of the waterfall without problems and enjoy the delicious waterfall closely.

*** Super QBL tip: walk with your socks on, to avoid falling on your tush.

After documenting a tremendous spot we enjoyed the splash and It was the most refreshing since this zone is usually very hot… then we went out to do a picnic with some tuna and crackers and to bring to an end this lovely weekend adventure we went to the top part of the waterfall trail.

This country does not cease to surprise us with so many amazing places for all tastes, with our ‘Pura Vida’ people who receive us as, like family, this is one of the cases where a place checks off all of these qualities to have a great time.


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