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Catarata Salto La Victoria

icon5km - 10km
iconLess than 5000
icon Not Accessible
Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Aug 16, 2019

We went to visit an awesome waterfall, called Salto La Victoria and it is hidden in a farm overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya in the mountains of San Ramón.

How to get there? Take Route 1 and turn left in San Ramón to exit on South Piedades for about 40 minutes until you reach the Socorro de Piedades of San Ramón.




Accessibility:Not accessible

What to wear? Comfy lightweight clothes, comfortable tennis shoes, pants, bathing suit, towel, hat and sunscreen.

Vehicle:High car




Contact:Jean Carlo Campos 8428-5844 Cost:¢ 3000


We left for the Socorro de Piedades Sur in San Ramón, the trip was short, took us about an hour and a half from San José. On the way, we stumbled upon incredible views of the Gulf of Nicoya which generated a pre-hike excitement.

We arrived at the red gate of the farm and went down to run into Jean Carlo and his mother who welcomed us at 8 o'clock with a very good vibe. We got things ready and after a little while, we start walking about 500 m towards a pasture overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya, we took good pictures since Puntarenas can be seen perfectly and easily on the other side of the peninsula.

Then we continued down the coffee plantations and paddocks for 2.5 km all descend! There are parts where the road is not very marked, it passes through irregular and ridged terrain, (So wear good hiking shoes and long pants just in case). We passed through a part with some beautiful huge trees on stones that are all mystical and here we were already close to reaching the river so we continued to approach the sound of the river until we reached a tricky descent part.

The last descent is really not that difficult ... just be careful because it is through a dry stream full of stones, so you have to use your hands to help yourself.

When we finished lowering the stone part we arrived at the base of Victoria Falls with a perfect pool surrounded by a green forest. Once here we dedicated ourselves to doing what we do best in places like this ... Swimming around and eating.

After enjoying the spot, we got ready for that 3.5 km back uphill ... on the way we made a stop in a forest with giant stones and then continued to the house of our guide's uncle, who prepared us a delicious typical meal.

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