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Catarata Los Nogales – Turrialba


We went to see Los Nogales Waterfall in the Turrialba mountains, do yourself a favor and take a hike to this beautiful area that hides natural wonders that are worth discovering.

Head towards the Irazú volcano and later turn towards the Turrialba volcano passing through Pacayas, after a while you have to make a left in the direction of Santa Cruz of Turrialba. Drive an hour here, depending on the condition of the road, until you reach the entrance of the Finca Los Nogales where the waterfall is located.


Waze: (better to use google maps)

Distance: 4km

Difficulty: Difficult

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring: Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis shoes, waterproof jacket, swimsuit, towel, repellent, sun block, change of clothes and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: 4 × 4

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes

Camping: No (but soon it will be available)


FB Los Nogales

Phone: 8708-8525 (Marjorie)

Cost: ¢ 3000 per person


We went in 2 cars to Turri, the road to Santa Cruz was quite deteriorated and the 4 × 4 was necessary to get there (for those who like to run over puddles and mud it’s the perfect trail).

We arrived at 9 o’clock in the morning at the farmhouse of the Los Nogales farm … a beautiful old wooden house with a view of Turrialba. The weather was still in our favor, so after chatting a bit we got ready to walk up the mountain and find Los Nogales waterfall.

The way to get there is a 600-meter quest. This climb is a paddock right on the sun, so make sure you put on sunblock. After climbing the first hill, you will immediately enter a smaller trail into the forest that leads to the waterfall, at the beginning you come across a lot of mud and slightly technical parts.

After a while of walking and descending, we arrived at the waterfall in the mountain. The water of the river is simply perfect, crystalline and delicious, you have to cross a first part to reach the stones but it’s only 50 meters to reach the base of the waterfall.

The waterfall has several springs that come out of the stone wall, and small pools are also made to enjoy yourselves. In addition, the size of the waterfall makes it possible to picnic right in front of it … so we took out snacks out and enjoyed the place.

After half an hour we got up to go to another pool located downstream … to get back to the path we deviated to the right before climbing the mountain. The other pool is nearby, but it’s another part that gets a little complicated to get there.

Then we went down and came across a really giant and perfect pool. Obviously we were not expecting it so we took off our things once again and jumped into the water that was almost frozen, even so it is nice, it is worth the hypothermia.

In the end we left to dry up and return down the mountain to the house where we left the car, satisfied and surprised by the beauty hidden in this Turrialbeño corner.

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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