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Catarata Las Nubes - Ciudad Quesada

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Oct 24, 2017

We went to discover one of the many secrets that Ciudad Quesada hides, at the foot of the Platanar Volcano, beautiful rivers with pools and waterfalls open to the public and perfect to spend the weekend.

How to get there? There are several ways to get to Ciudad Quesada (Waze is responsible for explaining which is best to take)

  1. By Naranjo - Zarcero.
  2. On Route 32 - Sarapiquí - Río Cuarto.
  3. By Vara Blanca - Sarapiquí - Río Cuarto.

Waze: Distance: 5km total Difficulty: Medium Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring? Fresh and comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis shoes, swimsuit, towel, hat, picnic snacks, beverages, repellent, sunscreen, clothes to change at the end and excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile Parking: On the curb. Pets: Yes Camping: like a Viking... because there are no services. Contact :Gabriel tel: 6082-3772


We left for San Carlos at 6:30 am and arrived there after 8 am to run into Gabriel in the center of Ciudad Quesada. The day was slightly cloudy and humid, luckily it was early to avoid the typical tropical rain of the area.

To reach the starting point, we drove to the mountain for around 20 minutes, until we reached the entrance of a farm, here we parked with a very spectacular view of San Carlos and the classic background of the famous Arenal Volcano.

We got ready for the walk and we started walking through the only path that goes between the paddocks. In the first 200 meters dogs appeared (small ones) but don’t be fooled because they are treacherous, then everything is nice, you pass a couple of neighborhoods and then you reach the first river crossing.

This river is surrounded by an amazing forest, it is beautiful without much fuss if you get to venture a little you can discover beautiful waterfalls about 100 meters further down. The crossing is very slippery, so do not hesitate to accept help from someone or else go prepared to fall to the floor.

Then we continued through an open pasture along a not so marked path for about 10 minutes until we reached the forest that protects the other river that contains the Las Nubes Waterfall. The descent is a path that goes meandering towards the bed of the river until you reach the lowest part ... from here you only have to walk 25 meters upstream to meet the waterfall.

This part is something extraordinary, under the shade of the forest between stones with the sound of water that makes you want to stay all day. We were about half an hour since we had to check out the pool that is above the waterfall then we picked up our stuff and returned by the path and then climbed a bit to reach the pool of the same river.

The pool is a piercing of crystalline water, deep with a giant stone, perfect for a picnic or to jump into the water. It also has a stone slide at the top where the most adventurous folks jump fearlessly ... there is always a risk of battle scars but that’s all.

We made our classic sandwiches here for lunch and after resting for a while, drops of water began to fall that made us get up to go back to the car.


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