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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to see a waterfall whose awesomeness we cannot express in words… with a great pond, big splash, nice spot to dive, giant stones to climb and best of all surrounded by a beautiful forest.

How to get there?
Take route 32 towards Limón, and after Braulio Carrillo continues for half an hour until you reach Guácimo, here you turn right and continue until you reach the parking lot of the place.


Distance:2 km
Difficulty:Easy – Medium
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, trail tennis shoes, swimsuit, towel, a change of clothes, insect repellent, sunscreen, food for snacks, beverages and an excellent attitude.

David 8949-9413 (for the bonus cascade)
Cost:¢ 1000 national


We left early from San Isidro de Heredia, where we ran into a waterfall expert friend the famous Le Chato and another incredible cat known as Jarquin extreme drone … we went with the idea of having a good time at a waterfall we had been recommended a long ago in Guácimo. On the way, we stopped at a supermarket buying stuff for a picnic and continued to the waterfall.

When we arrived at the place, it was a nice house with an adorable family, ample parking and we also found a dining room (let them know ahead of time If you want to eat something) where we had some breakfast and coffee to start the day.

After chatting, we started walking towards the waterfall, on the way we learned that the place has a camping area, with bathrooms, which is good to know. We continued walking through the farm, about 10 minutes of walking through the paddock, we came across the forest with a small river, where we crossed the rope bridge that moved a lot sideways and we followed the path through the jungle 10 minutes more along the path (which by the way is labeled very well) until we came across the waterfall from above … There was nothing else to do than run for it and enjoy the place.

The place is too cute, green and giant stones everywhere, the waterfall falls from a huge stone wall, the color of the water and the perfect temperature. Here we were chilling, we took pictures, we obviously got into the water, we jumped from a rock, well only Tavo jumped and our guests and we stayed until half a day (hunger was kicking in) …so we decided to return to the house where they fed us with a delicious typical dish.

In this place we felt very comfortable with the owners, who welcomed us like one of their own, the service and attention were excellent. On the other hand, it is perfect for people who are just starting out on the trek and also want to start to see waterfalls on the side of Limón (which are the best!).

*** BONUS: (Consult with owner) We went to an extra waterfall that is located in the mountains with one of the owners, we called it the Fall of the Goddess, to get to this waterfall a 4 × 4 car is needed. We did well on the trek, they are about 4km total and the waterfall is very high, but if it is a place that is advisable to go in the morning to avoid problems with the rain and there is a risk of a waterhead.


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