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Catarata La Bruja – Bonilla Turrialba


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to the Turrialba mountains to check out a really impressive waterfall, getting there was not easy but the adventure we had to get there was a blast.

Head towards the Irazú volcano and then exit towards the Turrialba volcano passing through Pacayas, until arriving at Santa Cruz of Turrialba. From there turn left like heading for the Guayabo monument. On this street, you have to drive for 45 min until you reach Bonilla Arriba. The road is in good condition until the school of Bonilla. Then it is 1 km from a street with a little worse condition but nothing too bad. Mrs. Yorleny’s house is right in front of the cemetery and that’s where the walk begins in the Finca Cañon de Yorle.


It’s better to use Google maps because Waze takes you on a very strange tour or get to Santa Cruz of Turrialba and from there use Waze. If you use Waze from the beginning it could lead you to an ugly road.

Difficulty:Difficult and technical
Accessibility:not accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis, waterproof jacket, swimsuit, towel, repellent, sunblock, change of clothes and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:High or 4 × 4 car (depending on the season)
Pets:It is not recommended (we took them and it was complicated)
Contact:Mrs. Yorleny 85888696
Cost:¢ 2000


We went to Santa Cruz ofTurrialba and then continued to the starting point in Bonilla in Santa Teresita ” La Finca Cañon of Yorle ” where our walk began around 9 am, we met with the people of ‘Descubre Turrialba’ in order to start our journey.

The first kilometer is in a pasture, we cross several electric fences (luckily none electrocuted us) … After 20 minutes we got into the virgin forest that protects the river canyon where the waterfall is at … this is where the beauty begins.

With 4 guys cutting the grass with machetes in front of us, the “path” was starting to be seen in the middle of the jungle, the way was quite entertaining and we felt like explorers among roots, stones, mud, and bushes that got tangled between our feet. There was already a little path but they were improving it a bit so that it was a little easier.

After about 40 minutes of descending through the jungle, we reached the river, right at the base of the waterfall where there is a nice pool of crystalline water, perfect and pure … the water is easily more drinkable than the one that comes from the pipe to our homes.

From this spot, we walked along the river for 300 meters more, very carefully due to the slipperiness of the stones and there is a part where you have to go across the water which reaches your waist until we reached the waterfall from head to toe … it was something else…

The waterfall is impressive, the water is quite cold and crystal clear … it also generates a breeze with a delicious and refreshing drizzle. While we were here, we chilled and put our things down to enjoy the place to ourselves, swimming and having a blast. The waterfall is very large, and it has a giant and delicious pool. Tavo and Karlita went swimming in a cave next to the waterfall, very cool..

** It is important to carry everything in dry bags since there are parts where the water reaches your waist.

After being at the waterfall we went down to the pool to give ourselves another dip and finish eating the snacks while we dried off in the sun … After a while, we got ready and went back to the paddock to get to the car and drive back home.


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