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Catarata La 28 - Turrialba

icon5km - 10km
iconMore than 5000
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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Apr 7, 2017

We went for a walk to the Waterfall 28 in Turrialba, an impressive walk through paddocks that run into a river full of nature and an unexpectedly wonderful landscape.

How to get there? Take the road to Cartago and turn off towards the Irazú Volcano, then take the right on a Y where there is a Virgin Mary. Follow the road to Turrialba until you reach Santa Cruz de Turrialba.

What to bring? Comfortable and fresh clothes, trail tennis, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, picnic snacks and an excellent attitude.

Distance: 5.5km Difficulty: Medium-High Vehicle: Automobile Parking: On the street Pets: Yes Camping: No Contact: Jorge 6065-0601 Cost: Groups of 7 people = ₡ 7.000 Groups of less than 7 = ₡ 8,000 (for queries it’s best to send a WhatsApp message to the local guide)


We went with Le Chato (cataratologist and photographer) to Turrialba downtown to run into our local guide, from here we left in two cars to the town of Santa Cruz (going up). We parked in front of some houses and got ready for the walk.

The route to the river is a very long downhill, the first part of the route is in a gravel road until you cross a gate of a farm and begin to go downhill from a pasture. It is important to bring sunscreen since 70% of the route is without shade in the open field. We must also bear in mind that there are very violent anthills (so watch out).

After finishing climbing down the path you reach the river, and from then on it is all nice. The river is divine, it is surrounded by a wild forest of intense green color, and the route is on giant stones with fallen trees and crystal clear water.

We only had to walk for half-hour and we were already nearly there, from a distance the waterfall left us speechless, and it was inevitable to feel the thrill of arriving at a tremendous place. While the photographers were doing their thing, we continued on along the river to enjoy the place even more.

The cascade is very high, the temperature is quite cold but it is just what the body needs after a tremendous hike. Obviously, we let go of stuff and jumped in, we took some pictures and then ended up doing our classic picnic to charge batteries for the climb back.

On the way back we were sweating big time but there is no cooler feeling than visiting a new place with the master of waterfalls, people up for an adventure, and with good vibes.

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