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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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As the saying goes “trying is the first step towards failure and failure is the first step towards success”… a little bit ago we tried to reach a waterfall at the ICE farm in Tres Ríos … after an unsuccessful attempt, some buddies offered to get us to the hidden waterfall.

How to get there?
Go towards San Ramón of la Unión, pass the bus terminal and continue up through the famous bar El Pizote, you’ll come to an intersection where you have to turn right, then pass a gate (entrance ICE farm), at 300 meters there is another detour but you have to go straight (left) until you reach a bridge where the car is parked.


Distance:4km total
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes, swimsuit, towel, trail tennis shoes, a dry bag to store electronics, snacks to share, dry clothes to change into and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:High Car (4×4)
Parking:On the curb
Pets:Not recommended (not all dogs love the water) it has to be a brave one.


We met 8 am at the ICE farm with the guys of TrailRunners Tres Ríos, since they had reached the waterfall before, after chatting a bit we got our things ready and started walking down the path on the left of the river, We didn’t last 1 min dry since you have to cross the river from the start and then many times after.

To get to the waterfall it’s not exactly a path, it’s a walk upstream a canyon without deviating, with a little common sense going from right to left of the channel looking for the best way, the water was freezing… but you get used to it afterward.

After walking for about 45 minutes at a slow pace due to the technical (slippery) nature of the path, we arrived at the waterfall. It is medium size but very cool. Just before arriving there is a large weeping wall, what I mean is, the waterfalls like tears due to odd-looking stones. In winter they say that it gets more aggressive and you have to be careful with the water heads so if it’s rainy season don’t go guys…

In front of the waterfall, there is a slippery trunk on the river where we climb to take an epic picture, in addition, all the stones are covered with green moss due to the humidity generated by the dew of the waterfall. We chilled here and started a classic mini picnic with various snacks.

After this we returned from the same road where we arrived until we got back to the car, we changed out of our wet clothes and off we went.

BONUS: Going down the river there is a path on the left where you’ll see another water stream, through there you’ll find another waterfall a little bigger but much harder to access because half of it is climbing so you have to go fearless and no dogs for that one.

This place is proof that there are free and incredible places of San Jose, and that the only thing that is needed is an excellent attitude (and people who know how to get there). In this same property we have done two additional walks Mirador Finca del ICE (failed attempt to reach the waterfall) and Finca del Ice.

Thanks, TrailRunners buddies of Tres Rios!

DATE OF WALK: February 2018



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