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Catarata El Salto de Gamalotillo

San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to the Gamalotillo waterfall located between Puriscal and Parrita. It is a beautiful place with trails inside the forest and a giant pool with an easily accessible waterfall, perfect for spending a full summer day. So don’t think twice and take a hike.

How to get there?

Take the route that goes from Puriscal to Parrita and after about 2 hours you reach the deviation to the right that leads to Gamalotillo.


Distance: 2km

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring: Lightweight clothes, towel, trail tennis shoes, sunscreen, repellent, picnic food and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: High wagon or 4 × 4 vehicle

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes

Camping: Yes

Contact: 8756-7108 / 8704-1754

Cost: ¢ 2000


We went to Gamalotillo that is in between the Puriscal and Parrita. The trip by car is scenic and also the street is about to be paved so the trip is short.

We arrived at the entrance after 9 in the morning, we parked in the shade and after talking with the owner (super nice guy ) we started walking.

We had not walked 300 meters when we came face to face with the first and largest waterfall with a pool of the entire estate. Around the pool there are several picnic tables and hammocks in order to lie down and rest… in short, to spend the whole day comfortably.

Then we started walking uphill to see the other pools and waterfalls. The trails are well marked and surrounded by giant trees that provide the necessary shade so as not to die from the heat.

When we had been walking for about 15 minutes we were in a puddle of sweat so we took advantage of the pool to take a refreshing dip.

Then we continued along the path until we reached the highest part of the farm, then we headed back to the pool below to eat supper and rest.

* DATE OF TRIP: February 2021


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