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Catarata El Angel & San Alejo - Siquirres

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Jul 27, 2017

We love visiting areas of our country that have not been explored so much yet. So we went back to La Alegría of Siquirres where our friend Franco took us to discover a river with incredible waterfalls ... it turns out that Siquirres is the mother of waterfalls.

How to get there? Take route 32 towards Limón, when you get to Siquirres you turn right towards La Alegría de Siquirres for half an hour more until you reach the town. From there, continue for about 15 minutes until you turn left onto a ballast street until you reach the entrance to the waterfall.


Distance: 4 kms total Difficulty: Medium-high Accessibility: No Vehicle: Preferably high car but automobiles arrive. Parking: On the street Pets: No Camping: No Contact: Franco 8723-6191 Cost: ¢ 6000 with guide

What to bring? Cool and comfortable clothes, swimsuit, towel, repellent, drybag, beverages, food to share and excellent attitude.


We left very early for Siquirres, this time we went with the winners of the raffle so it was super secret and we could not tell them where we were going. Actually not even us knew where we were going, only to guide did ... that made it more exciting. Before arriving at the center of the village of La Alegría, we met our guide Franco, whom we had met on another trip to the Rio Perla waterfall.

To get to the starting point, we crossed the center of the town and turned left along a ballast street, passing pastures until we reached a small forest where Franco told us that we had reached the first waterfall called El Ángel. We prepped our junk and walked without knowing knowing the distance ... and the surprise was that the waterfall was there, coming down, at 100 m, the whole waterfall was already visible and it was really cool.

The downhill path to reach this first waterfall was quite technical but not impossible, as there are some ropes to go down the steepest part. After that, you’re pretty much there. The recommendation is to keep your hands free to hold on to roots, stones and anything that works for support. Once down, we only walked along the river 25 m more until we reached the waterfall that is at least 30 meters high and has a nice pool in front.

We took off our backpacks and began to enjoy the spot, that is, we got into the water, splashed and enjoyed the place for almost an hour. What you do is that behind the waterfall there is a cave where one can get in and relax. You can also go behind the waterfall and see how the delicious water falls, as well as take some great photos. And then we went back to the car because we had other waterfalls ahead.

We continued for 10 more minutes by car on the same road until we saw a sign that said San Alejo Waterfall, there we went back to get off the car to start walking through the woods. The route is down a neat path, there was only a section with a fallen tree where we had to go around the tree without much trouble.

After walking a half hour down we came to an intersection where we passed an old ranch, and after going down some steps we got to see the San Alejo waterfall that took us by surprise in a half curve ... It is incredibly beautiful, surrounded by stone and a tropical forest vibe. The last 5 meters of descent are extremely slippery, so you have to be careful.

Once in the stones in front of the waterfall we gave ourselves the arduous task of making sandwiches for the picnic and enjoying this place to the fullest, in front of a private waterfall and with a lot of potential, hopefully you can check it out. This is the biggest of all and obviously you had to get into the water, because in every waterfall you have to get in (only if it is safe), the water was very nice so we took a good time to fill up with energy and continue with the walk. After this mini picnic we went back until our guide made us deviate on the way to take us to another hidden waterfall and better yet ... it had no name. The road was over the river about 300 meters maximum, and we came to a stone wall with a paradisiacal waterfall. The size was not large, but its beauty was gigantic, surrounded by the same evergreen humid tropical forest of the area. We were not so long in this spot compared to the rest but it was still enough for Karlita to sleep in her pink Ticket to the Moon hammock. After being here for a while, we got up and finished climbing the path that took us to the car.

**BONUS !!! - On the way back Franco took us to eat the best rice & beans of the world ... to a Soda Aunt Yoli, near the center of Alegria de Siquirres, it tasted really great!

DATE OF THE WALK - July 2017

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