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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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A paradise jungle less than 2 hours from San José, easily accessible. It also has a waterfall and an ideal pool to cool off from the Caribbean heat.

How to get there?
Go in the direction of the Virgin of Sarapiquí on Vara Blanca or on Route 32. We arrived by taking route 32.

With Waze

What to bring?
Lightweight clothes, swimsuit, towel, insect repellent, sunscreen, food to share a picnic and the desire to get wet.


Owner Carlos Quesada: 8583-2673 or 8455-9714

¢ 3000 per person

We left early in the morning to Sarapiquí, bought some snacks and arrived at the property where there was a small sign of the Waterfall on the right-hand side. We left the car and got out to get ready while we talked to the owner.

The weather was not the best, It was cloudy and there was a very good chance of rain. We also started walking. The journey is along a well-marked and swung road, there is no chance of getting lost, even so, our friends Glori and Karla went ahead and missed the obvious entrance to the waterfall since they were distracted talking nonsense… this delayed us a bit since we were yelling to find them.

Tavo and I first were the first to get to the waterfall. The river has a fairly strong flow, and even more the day we went because it was a little grown, so we preferred to stay put and see if from the outside. After being here, we went to explore some paths and went back down to the waterfall to take some pictures and enjoy the moment.

Then we went to the top of the waterfall to see everything, after a while, the rain began so we returned to the car. It’s the first time that we don’t get into a river/pond but it is important to avoid problems and not to get into rivers that are especially heavy when it is known to have rained so much.

We got in the car to go out looking for lunch.

DATE OF THE WALK – October 2016



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