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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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If you think you have seen everything are wrong … because in the mountains of San Ramón lies a waterfall, the only one in the country with a horizontal jet surrounded by hills with beautiful views, coffee plantations and forests that hide rivers perfect to spend an excellent weekend

How to get there?
Take Route 1 and deviate in Palmares, from here take the street that goes towards Atenas downtown until the park of Saragossa where you meet the guide.


Distance:5km by the river.

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes to walk and get wet without a problem, trail tennis shoes, a dry bag to put your stuff inside, towel, a lot of repellents and an excellent attitude.

Parking:On the curb.
Pets:Yes (but they need to be Vikings)
Contact:Jose María Solórzano 2452-2385
Cost:¢ 3000 per person if more there’s more than 5 of you.

When we arrived at Zaragoza park of Palmares we deviated 300 meters to the east to run into the guide that would take us for a tremendous adventure. After the gang was all present we went to the Berlin area of San Ramón (it is about 25 minutes by car) to get to our guide’s uncle’s house.

When we arrived we got our stuff prepped to start the walk from the road first and then we started going down, down, and down. We took an inevitable break because Chato left the camera’s memory card in the car, so we had to wait for him to get it and then we continued down the road surrounded by coffee plantations.

About 500 meters later the guide asked us if we wanted to go down to the bridge of the waterfall at once or if we wanted to make it more adventurous by going down the river with several falls … so we obviously decided to go by the river. To get to the lower part, the guide took us through a fairly steep coffee plantation until we reached the river, which was slightly brown due to the rain from previous days and the water was up to our knees.

From here the adventure was just beginning … with a first waterfall in the background we started our journey going down the canyon, going through easy parts and others not so much, grabbing stones, roots and also helping our dogs to achieve it ( that’s why it’s better not to take them on this trip). In total, we passed about 4 small waterfalls inside a forest that made us forget that we were in a coffee plantation.

We lasted an hour and a half descending by the river, also due to the photographic technical stops that were part of the trip. When we finished the part on the river, the forest opened until we reached a bridge, we waited here for the rest of the people while we ate a well-deserved snack.

After the rest showed up we went to the big waterfall that was the reason we were here, then we went down about 100 meters from the bridge until we reached the bottom part. When we arrived we were really surprised by how rare looking the waterfall looked, since it had a normal vertical waterfall but it bounces off a stone that deviates the splash in a horizontal direction, like a 90-degree angle.

The place is a rocky canyon surrounded by a great forest, it does not have much space for a picnic, or a pool but the road to get there was awesome. So the recommendation is the following, if you want to venture down the river, if you want to go straight away to the waterfall without too much hassle, follow the path labeled, either way, you will enjoy it a bunch.




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