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Catarata Caída del Cielo - Bajos Del Toro

icon5km - 10km
iconLess than 5000
icon Not Accessible
Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 1, 2017

We went to visit a waterfall from the sky (that's what it's really called) in the beautiful village of Bajos del Toro, where every month we see a new waterfall that makes us happy. In addition, in the village, everything remains the same and you can go without any problem, there is no danger to the volcano.

How to get there? Just enter the Waze until you reach the town of Bajos del Toro. It’s in the town of Sarchí. Car: Better to go by Vara Blanca, and then there to enter the link of Waze of Bajos del Toro.


What to bring? Comfortable clothes, trail tennis shoes, a waterproof jacket, dry bag, snacks and beverages, towel, swimsuit

Distance: 8kms Total to the Catarata Caída del Cielo Total 5kms to Cataract still without a name (From Catarata Caída del Cielo) 13km Total walk.

Difficulty: Medium-High Accessibility: Not accessible Vehicle: Automobile Parking: Yes Pets: Yes Camping: Yes (but coordinate before) Contact: Dayana tel: 8367-5492 Cost: ¢ 4000 per person


We left at 7 am from San José, heading to the Valley of the Falls (Bajos del Toro) ... on the way we went to the mini super to buy snacks and ran into our local guide in a place next to a river near the center of Bajos del Toro where there was a sign that said ¨Catarata Fall from the Sky¨. It's in Coope Bajos del Toro. Once ready, we started to walk towards the entrance of the farm ... it was about 500 meters down the street and then turn right where the ballast road begins and there you run into the gate of the farm. From here on the path is without much inclination between paddocks, a beautiful ravine passes (if you’re tough you can cross it without getting wet), almost all of us got our feet week. We continued where there is a steep hill that put us to sweat, then we made a stop in a stone canyon, awesome, here we detected that the water was a peculiar gray color due to the activity of the volcano, but this gave it a mystical vibe...

We continued our way crossing a wooden bridge (super old and awesome), over the river canyon that we had just seen, and then continued until we reached a ranch where we went through the forest that led to the waterfall. Here you will descend through some steps through the forest and in less than 5 minutes you will be contemplating the ‘Fall of the Sky’ waterfall. The waterfall is great, the water is cold, with large stones perfect for picnics and is surrounded by beautiful green forests. We had a good time here taking pictures because the waterfall was dark gray (from the ash), we had never seen a waterfall of that color, yes, it is not always like that in the summer it is navy blue. We enjoyed the spot until the guide told us to go up again to eat something up on the ranch so we continued the walk.

After eating the tuna sandwiches the guide took us to another waterfall which has no name yet. To get to this one, we continued for 20 minutes until we got into the forest again. Here the path is in the process of being redone, they told us that even a small bridge will be placed in a slippery part. On the way, we crossed a spring of slightly thermal water which disappears in the same mountain and we continued walking until we came to the river that would take us to the other waterfall.

When we arrived at the waterfall we were surprised by the clarity of its water, submerged in a stone canyon super cool in a forest that not many people arrive at. This waterfall is born from the Agrio River so it also has that water that tastes rare (acidic). We took the opportunity to take good pictures, enjoy the place for a while and since it was beginning to rain, we decided to be conscious of a Waterhead ... so we started walking back. When we needed about 20 minutes to walk, the light rain became a downpour that left us soaked. Thankfully we were close by so we could change and put on dry clothes.


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