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Pozo Azul Waterfalls – Colonia del Toro


We went to see the most imposing, high, blue, paradisiacal, wild and beautiful waterfall of all Costa Rica, near the valley of the falls in the town of Bajos del Toro in Colonia del Toro town, so nearby. So take a walk to the town where the blue waterfalls lie and genuinely nice people abound.

How to get there?
Just use the Waze to arrive at the town of Bajos del Toro and continue for about 20 minutes more towards Río Cuarto.
With Automobile: Better to go by Vara Blanca and it would be before arriving at Bajos del Toro.


Distance:5.5 total
Alta (Falls of the Bull Falls)
Media (Pozas)
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes, trail tennis, waterproof jacket, dry bag, snacks and beverages, a towel, bathing suit.





86312171 Edgar
88151491 Mario

¢ 3000 per person


We went out early morning to Bajos del Toro, the road is great since we went through Sarchí and even though it was raining in San José, the sun came out on the way and it was lovely. This triggered several mandatory stops to take pictures of the road until we reached the town center of Bajos del Toro.

Here we went to the mini super next to the plaza to buy what we needed to eat and we continued to the house where we met Doña Emilse in Colonia del Toro, who would guide us to our destination on the farm.

Then we alighted to finish preparing the stuff that we were going to take to the walk and we started to walk downhill for about 400 meters until we reached a small barn with pigs and ducks. From here on we continued through a paddock with tremendous views for about 10 minutes more downhill until we got into the jungle, and saw the river that’s where the waterfall meets with.

We did not walk more than 50m and we were at the top of the fall of the highest waterfall that we have seen lately, so much so that it was a little bit scary looking at the edge, but we were so excited by the awesomeness of this waterfall that we decided to start down the mountain ( more than 200m vertical).

The descent, I’m not going to lie, it was quite entertaining and exciting … loose parts, others with mud, steps that put my limited flexibility to the test, but nothing impossible. Besides seeing this lady who came down laughing effortlessly, enjoying the patio of her farm so much there was no way to back out.

We spent about 20 minutes going down until we got to see the Caída del Toro waterfall from a real presidential box. I know that the size does not matter, but you see that you are so crazy, I can not explain the height, you feel really tiny at the foot of this giant.

The waterfalls like in slow motion, hypnotizes anyone, the colour of the perfect water, in some parts, it is possible to see celestial … on the other hand, it has great ideal stones to put the chunches and picnic. And unlike many other waterfalls, it does have pools that are simply perfect, so without thinking, we jumped into the water that was delicious and super crystalline. We were having such a hard time that Doña Emilse took us down the river to see other pools and the place where this river and the “Paraíso de Manantiales” come together to make a bigger one.

After enjoying the place for a long time and a brief picnic we get ready to climb again but not before taking a lot of photos from all angles since it is the most cracked waterfall we have encountered in the area.

To get to the top the thing was intense, it took out every last drop of sweat … but do you know anything? It was worth it, and we would go back 700 times because it really is out of the ordinary and it really has EVERYTHING in a really short distance.

To end with a flourish when we were in the pastures Doña Emilse told us that there were a few more holes and boom we went down like 5 minutes and found this delicious pool with a tiny waterfall and obviously we got in again. When we thought that there was no more there were a lot of pools, this was like being at Christmas receiving gifts, but bad luck came to a downpour and as a precaution, we had to leave. So we are definitely going back to enjoy these pools and then tell you all the details.


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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