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Cascadas Micos & Sótano de las Huas Huas – México 2


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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On our second day in the Huasteca Potosina we went to the Micos Waterfalls and saw the most epic show of birds swooping down to the Sótano Huahuas.

How to get there?

Aquismon village to go to the Sótano Huahuas, it’s better to point waze there


Sótano Huahuas:

Distance: 3km total

Difficulty: easy

Accessibility: Not accessible


What to bring?

Comfy clothes, water shoes, change of clothes, sunscreen, dry bag and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: No

Contact: At the lodge they recommended a guide for the Micos waterfalls

Hospedaje Aldea Ruta Huasteca:

On our second day we woke up in Aldea Huasteca with a slightly cloudy day. We went to have breakfast already with a bathing suit because after that they picked us up to go to the Micos waterfall, which is close to our lodging.

From where we left the guide’s car, we walked 300 meters up (with the life jacket) on and then we went down a few steps until we reached the river … The river is too beautiful, the water has an emerald color, crystalline and a little cold. At that time of year it was summer so the waterfalls were drier than normal but it was still very cool.

We went to the first pool where they explained to us that it is called the Micos waterfall because before there were many spider monkeys, and in Mexico they refer to those types of monkeys as ¨micos¨…. We swam to the main and largest waterfall where we got behind the curtain of water and from here we began to jump down from all the waterfalls of the Micos River. In total there are like 7 jumps with jumps of all kinds of height. The first was a bit high and Karlita got nervous but she was the first to jump and we were all behind. As we advanced the falls were less high but the landscape was more and more beautiful. The color of the water was spectacular and the river had some really crazy trees that made everything cooler. To finish, we reached the last jump, which was the highest … Everyone’s nerves came out here, they were about 8 meters high, Trejos freaked out, he barely jumped. In the end we all jumped several times and this part of the river was beautiful. With this we closed with an adrenaline rush to return to Aldea Huasteca for lunch.

To continue seeing the Huasteca we decided to rent a car to do what we wanted. In the city there was only one rental place called Nenek Rent a car. After renting the car we went to Aquismón to go to the Sótano de las Golondrinas the next day. We arrived in the afternoon and as we had time we decided to go ask around at Sotano Huahuas which is not that far from the hotel. We arrived very late at 530pm but they still let us follow the stone path that leads to this place. The first part was a very long descent … but then a hill came that made us sweat.

The thing is that we arrived at this similar stone hole at the right time … because there were hundreds of thousands of birds called huahuas sleep.

This is an impressive natural spectacle, since at the end of the afternoon the birds go to sleep and protect themselves from predators in this cave. Imagine that these birds descend at an impressive speed and they sound like a super peculiar roar and you can hardly see them, they are like seeing drops falling and entering groups of many birds. It really was something we didn’t expect to see and we stayed until nightfall. If we can say that seeing this spectacle at sunset is something that cannot be missed and it is very different from what people are used to seeing the sunrise and seeing how they come out. That was to be the plan for the next day but elsewhere.

* DATE OF HIKE: March 2020


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