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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Aug 18, 2018

We went to see an insane place called Elysian Waterfall, where we discovered an epic waterfall, some trails, animals, and forest at an affordable price and best of all ... ecologically exemplary.

How to get there? Take Route 2 through Cerro de la Muerte towards Pérez Zeledón, then turn right towards Dominical. Halfway there is Platanillo de Barú, from there go right for about 15 more minutes until you reach the Elysiana Waterfall sign.


Distance:1km Total Difficulty:Moderate Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring? Fresh clothes, swimsuit, repellent, sunscreen, trail tennis shoes, sandals, towel, reusable water bottle, snacks, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile Parking:Yes Pets:No Camping:No Contacto:

Steve 8647-6800 [email protected]

Michael ‭8647-6744‬ [email protected]

Cost:Varies according to the Tour. $ 25 per night per person

₡ 3000 access to the waterfall


We left Tavo's house on a Friday afternoon heading to Pérez Zeledón, on the way we had some lunch and continued for another 45 minutes until we reached Cascada Elysiana Ecolodge at 10 pm.

The next day when the sun came up we woke up in a lovely cabin, right in the middle of the mountain, accompanied by a concert in which all the bugs and birds of the forest were the Orquestra... it was something... But hey, we woke up to go to breakfast to the multifunctional building (lobby/dining room /cinema/hall), where they received us with some exquisite crepes (made by a Frenchman) with tropical fruits, as well as fruit juices.

After lunch, we got ready (you should’ve seen the tropical outdoor shower ... incredible) to go for a walk and check out the Elysian Waterfall. The path that leads to the waterfall is a quick 15-minute walk, it is like going around the mountain and suddenly you get to the viewpoint that is up and boom comes to the waterfall. After taking a few pictures here, we decided to go down to shoot more photos and vids. The water is super clean and at a temperature just enough to kill the heat of the area, it also has a couple of cozy pools surrounded by tropical forest.

After enjoying ourselves we went to walk downstream, along a path that goes next to the river, it is worth going through it calmly since you see cool animals (they were well dispersed and we came across an anteater and a glass frog). After finishing this trail it was time to have lunch so we went to the dining room to order some food.

When we finished eating, we went to walk again to see the other side of the farm, this is super cool because the road is all on the river bed and you get to waterfalls stuck in the middle of the forest. They are not splashy but you can put your feet in, observe and enjoy the natural environment.

When we returned from walking this second round we went to shower (at this point, it was necessary) and then we rested until dinner time to finish our very satisfactory trip.

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