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Cariblanco Mountains

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Aug 5, 2022

The mountains of Cariblanco is one of those places that are the perfect combo, within the GAM, you walk a little, it has incredible views, it has a picnic area, you can take dogs, it has a beautiful waterfall and an area with pools to splash around. Don't think about it anymore and take a walk to Santa Ana!

How to get there? Go up to Matinilla 800m southeast of the Church of Matinilla, on the way to Bebedero.    Waze: Waze Cariblanco Mountains    Distance: Total 4km    Difficulty: Moderate. It is short but with a good slope and the last part is a bit technical.    Accessibility: Not accessible    What to bring?  Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis shoes or hiking boots, sun protection, insect repellent, sun protection, snacks, water, change of clothes and an excellent attitude.    Vehicle: Automobile    Parking: Yes    Pets: Yes, they must be on a leash in the parking and picnic area.    Campsite: No    Hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.    Contact: 8843 9376 – [email protected]. Call or write to reserve.    Instagram    Facebook    Cost: ¢3,000 per person    *IMPORTANT: It is forbidden to enter the waterfall because there is a water intake from the AYA below. 


We had seen this farm for a long time because we went by bike and we started admiring it little by little, with its trails, signs were added to it, but we did not know if they were going to open it to the public. Until the gossip came to us and we decided to go and visit.    We left Santa Ana on a Sunday around 8:30 with all the dogs, we passed Salitral, Matinilla until we reached the farm. Here we were received by a super friendly girl who explained that it was a single path, that is, you come and go along the same path and that it is well labeled, there is no way to get lost.    We started walking and as we went up, we were surprised, you walk among coffee plantations with amazing views, then enter a little forest where you walk next to the river with that sound that is always so good to hear.    We made a couple of technical stops because we found a medlar tree, so we managed to lower the ripest bunches and eat that delicious fruit. Then we found cas (a yummy fruit) and we ate that too.    After 2 km you start to go down, this is where it gets a little more technical, you have to go down carefully holding on to the cables that were put up for this very reason, and there you come to that waterfall that was bigger than we expected. We did not go in because there is a sign that says that it is not allowed because some AYA tanks are fed with that water, but further down there are some pools where if you want to cool off you can go.    After spending a long time enjoying that oasis and taking several photos and videos, we returned.   


  1. Buy the coffee they sell there, it's really good. 
  2. After the tour we went to have lunch at Los Gusticos de doña Betty, going up towards the wind farms, we ordered some delicious gallitos (with cheese and arracache) and a rice & beans.
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