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Cañón Del Río Parismina - Limón

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · May 31, 2019

We went to discover the Canyon of the Parismina River in Tierra Grande of Guácimo, an incredible place with crystal clear water.

How to get there? You take Route 32 towards Limon and after passing Guapiles it is another hour until you deviate to the right in an entrance 40 more minutes until you reach Tierra Grande de Guácimo where Juan Carlos' house is.




Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes, fast-drying, swimsuit, towel, repellent, waterproof jacket, dry clothes to change into after swimming and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:High car

Parking:On the curb

Pets:Yes, but it is not ideal.


Contact:Juan Carlos 8429-7620

Cost: ¢ 10,000 groups of 4 people ¢ 2,000 per person if more than 4 ¢ 3 500 delicious homemade lunch

Cost:₡ 4000


We left very early from San José to Guácimo, after passing the 2-hour traffic and a million road construction stops It was almost at 10 am and we were arriving at Juan Carlos’s house. Juan Carlos took us to the path that leads to the canyon of this river. The weather was slightly cloudy and we knew that San Isidro was going to play a trick on us but it was almost 11 o'clock then we all got ready to go down to the river.

The trail is very short, maximum 100 m and quite slippery ... so step on whatever step or root you see. When you reach the river there is a large stone that overlooks the canyon on the left and a large pool with a waterfall just in front of completely clear water.

When we arrived we finished going down to the river and we walked admiring each detail carefully until we reached the canyon. At the turn of the canyon, there is another waterfall that falls into a super large and delicious pool where of course we had to jump in.

After being a half hour enjoying the spot, it started to pour with the surprise that inside the canyon not even a drop of rain got in but to avoid complications we returned to the entrance of the path where Tavo did a water slide to the pool below the waterfall.

Then we went to the car to return before going to a waterfall that is downstream. The waterfall is pretty nice, and it's super close to the canyon, so do not hesitate to stop by when you visit the area.

As it was almost 1 pm, we went to Juan Carlos' house to put on dry clothes and eat some beans with pork ... just what the body needed to be able to drive back to San José.

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